Sunday , May 16 2021

Photo: The fire devours the warehouse of weapons with giants of giants .. And these losses

A special source for the newspaper "Aden al-Ghad" said a fire in a weapons store belonging to the giants of the Fourth Brigade in the Air Defense Camp on the West Coast broke out.

The source said the fire broke out in the arms store at the headquarters of the 4th Brigade of the giants of Nizar al-Wajeeh in the cave after the electric shrapnel led to the death of soldiers and wounded another three.

The source noted that the fire that broke out in the Fourth Brigade's weapons warehouse caused damage to more than 250 automatic weapons from members of the First Battalion, the fourth brigade, whose members of the gun handed over to training guards.

Dear reader .. I read the news of the picture: a fire that devours the arms trade by the forces of giants in Mecca. And these news and news releases have been released from Adena tomorrow and are responsible for news or not, and you can visit Adena's original source. tomorrow

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