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Processing of a positive rotor rotor rotation

Now it comes to the topic of treating the positive rotor of the benign benign and wrote Yasmin Amr – now we go into details

This is a problematic problem for people who suffer from this dizziness because it causes them to fall and fall at any time. Therefore, we will offer you the treatment of dizziness Positive Response.

Symptoms of a positive ventricular rotor

There are several symptoms that occur in a positive positive rotor of positive mood, including:

The feeling of dizziness.

Feeling things around you are turning around you.

Loss of balance and instability.

Nausea and vomiting.

These symptoms may be intermittent and last for a few seconds, and can disappear and show up for each period.

The activities performed by a person who causes dizziness may differ, such as head tending or loss of balance during standing or walking.

Causes of Positive Dystrophy

There are often no specific and clear causes for this drug, but there are some reasons that lead to the occurrence of positive ventricular distrophy in some people such as:

1 – A person may be exposed to head injuries, from simple to severe, which may cause the feeling of this medication.

2 – There are some internal ear disorders that may result from surgery in the ear or on the back for a long time.

3 – The ear has a very precise member called a vestibular vestibule, and some other members in the ear follow the movement of the head in different directions, and the crystals make the person attractive and these crystals can move through the crescent, especially when they lie.

4. Change the air pressure.

5. Lack of sleep.

6. Drought.

7-Much fluctuation during sleep.

8 – sudden head movement.

Treatment of a positive ventricular rotor

Some doctors have acknowledged that the treatment of benign positive ventricular rotor can be performed by the person himself when exposed to positive ventricular distrophy.

Some simple exercises that help restore the crystals into the ear to a natural balance that leads to balance of the head, and this treatment method guarantees 100% treatment without drug intervention.

Also, avoid sleeping on the affected area of ​​your head or ear to avoid the presence of benign prostatic rotor.

There are some exercises practiced by an expert physician (Ebli maneuver) and rely on re-gravity in the crystal crystals in the ear that cause this rotor and can teach the patient how to do these exercises themselves.

There is a type of treatment called Simont's maneuver, and this type of cure is 90%, done by a patient sitting at the table and tilting at a 45 degree angle, aiming to transfer the crystal to the top of the ears and return to the doctor to become natural head gradually to resolve Symptoms of a Positive Ventricular Rotor, and this type of treatment may be needed for one session and may require several sessions.

Your doctor may prescribe some antihistamines and antibiotics that have recently been shown to cure dizziness, but these treatments significantly reduce the symptoms, but do not eliminate the problem completely.

In some serious cases, such as blockage of circular or semicircular channels, surgery is required, but such a surgical procedure has the same risk of neurosurgery. This type of treatment is only used after the failure of other treatment methods.

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