Tuesday , January 26 2021

Protocol on cooperation between cleansing and "sports" for sponsorship of clubs and youth centers Fayoum

The Egyptian Demining Club, led by General Mohamed Abdel Salam, signed a protocol of co-operation with Dr Ashraf Sobhy, the Minister of Youth and Sports, to sponsor clubs and youth centers in Fayoum, promoted and promoted sports in the board of directors within interests The government supports sport and progress in everyone region.

The protocol involves the provision of sports stadiums, meeting all sporting needs and needs, development of sports facilities for the village of Dimo ​​in Fayoum and working to overcome all the difficulties and problems that lead Clubs Within the province and work to overcome them.

On the other hand, Major General Mohammed Abdul Salam, signing it protocol As a mathematical leap for various youth centers in Fayoum, they will play a role positive This is where the state sports are represented in the Ministry of Youth and Minister Dr Ashraf Sobhi who sets a scientific plan for the promotion and development of different sports region And the provinces, which increase the number of contestants and explore talent and industry heroes to serve national teams at international forums.

The president of the Clerical Club praised the presence of Dr. Ashraf Subhija's interest installations Sport with Fayoum and special support reform Fayoum stadium for the fast return of the football team to play in the center of his fans Fayoum.

Dr. Sayed Hazin, Director of Youth and Sports Directorate in Fayoum, wants to make ministerial decisions and track all stadium-related events and communicate with the company responsible for stadium development to end it quickly.

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