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& Quot; National Petroleum Construction & quot; to present its projects at ADIPEC Abu Dhabi 2018 – Best Dubai

Abu Dhabi, November 13 (WAM) – Engineer Aqeel Madi, Vice President,
The board of directors of the National Oil Company that the company has achieved
Over the past year, positive results were satisfactory.

Madi was quoted at the press conference at the ADIPEC pavilion
Abu Dhabi 2018 in this respect the net profit of the company grew last year
Up 57% more than the previous year and good profitability
Stable over the past years and the growth of the financial performance index in some way
Positive and clear confidence of key customers in the oil and gas industry
Gulf and India.

Ahmed Salem Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer, said
At the end of last year, the company's revenue amounted to about 5.7 billion dirhams
Exceptional growth of 21% compared to 4.7 billion AED per year
She was earlier.

He has recorded qualitative leaps in the last ten years in the fields
Operative and financially explaining that the financial statements of the company point to the net
The total revenue of the company over the last ten years amounted to about 48 billion dirhams.

He emphasized that the company's business during the current year was satisfactory and financial indicators
It detects significant progress at all levels, stressing that it is coming back
The company jumped to about 7.4 billion dirhams, an increase of 30% over last year
This figure is expected to increase at the end of the year.

He noted that 80% of company revenue comes from contracts outside the country, which reflects
The position reached after investing about 4 billion AED in assets
Improve your business.

Eng Ahmed Salem Al Dhaheri said it was Petroleum Construction Company
Wataniya strives to be the leader in engineering, procurement, construction and equipment
Facilities and facilities related to the oil and gas industry, highlighting the company
It works on entering new sectors that point to their ability to adapt
Renewable market requirements and expand its scope in the oil sector to include the sector
Purification of Petrochemicals and Petroleum Products in an Advanced Phase and Strengthening
Its presence and services in the field of ground oil through increased services
Right at the age of 20% instead of 10%
Offshore oilfield services at 80% activity, instead of 90% on time

He noted that the company wanted to enter new markets represented in East Asia and the North
Africa and strengthening the existing presence in India and in the bay market, as well as in the market

He confirmed that the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the key partner of ADNOC
Oil constructions … pointing out that 20% of company revenue is coming
Through local contracts via ADNOC and its affiliates.

Eng Ahmed Salem Al Dhaheri said the firm had signed with Aramco
Saudi Arabia in 2016 also has a strategic partnership agreement for a period of 6 years
4 other international companies operating in the same field and under long-term contracts
Contractors will be responsible for delivering a large number of platforms for oil and gas production
In flooded areas, assembly platforms, cables and all facilities and equipment
What are the current production plans for the fallen fields of Saudi Arabia.

He noted that the company won a contract worth 850 million dirhams in the market
What is a sign of increasing trust in it and stressing that innovation will be
The development process's focus is attested by the company where the incentive program was launched
Innovation among its employees in improving the performance and services of the company at the next stage.

Ahmed Salem Al Dhaheri explained that the company had introduced financial savings
There are about 210 million dirhams of equivalent "57 million US dollars" as well
She is interested in the area of ​​business localization where the company is currently providing jobs
For 308 citizens with better benefits than other companies and institutions in the same area
In addition to the benefits of scholarships and training abroad on new technology
In the business sector .. He pointed out that the company made more than 1190 projects
With various other initiatives.

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