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Rania Youssef talked to CNN after the crisis of her dress. And the trade union intervenes

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – At the end of the 40th session at the end of the International Film Festival in Cairo, a ruthless display of Egyptian artist Ranie Youssef emerged, stirring controversy and broad criticism on social media networks run by Trends Media Media for two days in the Egyptian union professions, a statement confirming that it will achieve those who see it "exceeded" the company's right.

The artist commented Rania Youssef in CNN's statements in Arabic that he did not invoke an investigation of trade union representations on the background of the crisis of the final dress of the Cairo Film Festival "so far".

"I wore a dress at an international film festival, as in international competitions abroad," Yousuf said, refusing to comment on her criticism.

Local media reported a Syndicate of Professions statement chaired by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, who said that "many interested in cultural and artistic affairs expressed great concern about what they observed during the festive opening and closing of the International Film Festival in Cairo, which we consider to be the most significant international events affecting the image of Egyptian art. ahead of the world, facing the culture of extremism and terrorism. "

The announcement also states that "the appearance of some festival guests does not correspond to the tradition of society and its values ​​and moral nature, which has damaged the role of the festival and the union responsible for keeping its members."

The statement added, "Although we believe in the artistic freedom of personal belief absolutely, we call on the awareness of their public accountability to the masses, appreciate their art and therefore the union will investigate those who see the violation of the society's rights and receive the appropriate punishment; syndicates.

Sami Moghouri, a representative of the Union of Representative Professionals, said the statement was issued by the Union of Three Artistic, Cinematographic and Music Unions in Egypt, denying that a decision was made to invite the artist to investigate the release of the statement.

"Three important issues were discussed at the meeting," he told CNN in Arabic, and he talked about the crisis of Ranie Youssef's dress in the presence of the Union of Cinematographic and Cinematographic Professionals, and discussed the possibility of co-ordination with the Clothing Department at Clothing Department . Future ".

Film critic Magda Khairallah described the Egyptian artist's crisis as "boring and inappropriate behavior of places and occasions". She added, "Each artist carries what he likes, but the cause of the crisis has been remarkable and the reason for commenting, but not the level of payment. The trade union is simply a lack of fitness or misbehavior."

She condemned what she called "ridiculous reactions, which are just about bidding, like the abuse of Egypt or Egyptian art."

"Nobody can offend Egyptian or Egyptian art," said Khairallah. "Everyone is expressing and not diminishing Rania Youssef. Egyptian art can not be reduced to one person."

"The festivals include artistic activities and very important films, with the exception of artistic dresses, as well as seminars and lessons from leading critics and directors in the world, but the spectator's interest in what the artist carries about his perception of festivals only of fashion shows;

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