Sunday , April 11 2021

Real Madrid News: Bayern Munich are threatening everyone over Halland’s deal

Results of Saturday’s matches in the German league

Sport 360 – German media reported that Real Madrid should fear the danger from Bayern Munich in connection with its big goal and the signing of Erling Haland from the German ranks of Burcia Dortmund.

The Bild newspaper stated that if Norwegian striker Erling Haaland is considering staying in Germany, he will definitely choose to play for Bayern Munich.

Haland could turn down Real Madrid and pick Real Madrid

The great Norwegian striker Erling Haaland surprised Burcie Dortmund fans and his followers everywhere with surprising statements about the team that has been following him strongly during this period.

Haaland revealed in his statements about the striker who follows him and always learns from him during his maturity in the world of football before and after joining the German ranks of Burzia Dortmund.

Haaland has confirmed that he is watching the matches of the German team Bayern Munich to learn from the possibilities and possibilities of the Polish striker and the best player in the world, Robert Lewandowski.

Borcia Dortmund hijacked Haland’s signature during the winter transfer market in January last year, very favorably, which cost the German club’s coffers just € 20 million.

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