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Removing the race kills a young Dutchman. warnings

The death of a young man (19), a result of dehydration in trying to get orgasm, emphasizes the use of removers.

It is believed that the young man, who was not named, lived in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was the cause of his death cardiac arrest, and was a teenager in the period of rehabilitation due to the use of hashish and ketamine, and when he felt relapsing a different way from Linchi.

Put the towel over your head and inject the dispenser dispenser dispenser, which can make people feel quick and happy.

But soon he became overactive and shortly after he had a heart attack.

After the same young man stopped, he needed six defibrillation cycles and was placed in an induced coma in the ICU, but doctors could not revive his heart.

His condition did not improve in intensive care so the paramedics said the continuation of the attempt to save him would be "useless".

"Abuse of volatile substances, one of the best ways to achieve ecstasy without medicines," the researchers wrote in their report.

Volatile substances found in fragrant solvents can stop the heart and cause sudden death as a result of sniffing.

It is believed that inhalation is responsible for the deaths of 125 people per year in the United States and is said to be popular among adolescents in strains. The figures show that 64 people died in the United Kingdom in 2016 due to solvent misuse.

"The main toxin in inhalation of deodorant spray is butane," the doctors said.

Butane is one of the hydrocarbons commonly used in household spraying products and hydrocarbons are fat-soluble so that they easily cross the blood barrier and blood barrier in the blood and butane is dissolved in high fat tissues such as Nervous system and tissue Fat liver and kidneys.

Although their report investigates only isolated cases, since 1975, deaths are known from inhalation of volatile substances.

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