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Saad Al-Saghir invites fans to pray for Rahima Saeda

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Saad Al-Saghir invites his fans to pray for Rahima Saida (video), Sunday, June 30, 2019.

Artist Saad al-Saghir has asked his fans to pray for media reporter Rihama Said after serious illnesses.

Saad al-Saghir published on his personal page on the pages of the famous pictures and video "Instagram" a video that said, "Our Lord has made a reason to treat people so much better than God's creation. I went to the hospital as a lot of Oy" .

Reham Said announced his will after a serious illness

He added: "Our Lord has exalted you thanks to the prayers of the people who have advocated and our Lord has given you the cause in their recovery and the wish of my life I work the best Zika program I live in and people are aware that Reham worked well with my mother" .

Reham Said appealed to her audience to pass her through a leaflet through her account at Instagram, where the words of her expressed will were published, and public commentaries were limited, praying to heal and overcome this torture after suffering a serious illness on her face.

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