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Samsung leaves a smart feature on the S10 phone

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Samsung introduced a smart feature on the S10 phone, citing the MZMZ website, Monday, November 5, 2018.

Although many users are waiting for a hotter new Samsung phone, but the latter are preparing a surprise they may not like it.

"The S10 will break all new phones that have been released recently because they will not have a clever face scan," said the popular Ice Juveners site on Twitter.
The new South Korean phone company will not rely on face scanning to unlock the device, pointing out that it will be enough with a "fingerprint scanner", according to Forbes.
A fingerprint scanner or fingerprint will be in a different way. This feature will occupy more space (30% of screen size) and fingerprint recognition will be faster.
Among the other surprises that Samsung is expected to discover is that it has canceled the handset's ports, Forbes said.

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Source: Mzmz

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