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Scientists warn that the killer lives on everyone's skin

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Bacteria resemble germs "MRSA", Antibiotic resistant.

Staphylococcus aureus (usually harmless) lives on each individual's skin, but wounds can occur after surgery, causing serious infections.

And identified by university scientists "Bathroom" More deadly forms of bacteria on the skin of people who are infected after surgery. They say that knowing which patients are wearing the deadliest type can help doctors prevent or cure post-operative infection.

Since new bacteria are constantly found in human skin, serious drug resistant strains can easily spread.

Professor Sam Shepard of the Center said "Milner" "Staphylococcus aureus is a lethal agent in people's eyes and is clinically neglected because it is often assumed to be contaminated in laboratory specimens or simply accepted as a known risk of a surgical procedure"He said.

Injuries after surgery may be very serious and may be deadly.

Scientists have found 61 differences between bacterial genes in the skin of patients who have become infected after replacing the hip, knee or bone stabilization, and in healthy patients.

It was found that deadly bacterial attacks are better equipped to spread into the bloodstream and avoid the immune system, which can cause fatal illnesses. Genes that change the adhesive surfaces of bacterial cells, allowing them to form a protective layer, making them resistant to antibiotics.

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