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Sharjah Media City has launched a project for the development of digital platforms – Last Dubai

Sunday, November 11, 2018 – 20:26

Sharjah, March 11 (WAM) – Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) has launched a project
In collaboration with "Hawi" develop digital platforms to serve
Fast growth of digital solutions in UAE
And the regions.

Joint venture will exploit Hawin's intellectual property
Resources, Content and reach the targeted audience in collaboration with
Highlights of Sharjah Media City's websites and networks to capture unique opportunities
And he played contending roles in the Sharjah emirate and in the region in general.

Dr. Khalid Omar Al Madfaa, president of Sharjah Media City / Shams / importance
This partnership provides content creation services with a web based content
Development of digital content as well as various technical solutions
The most prominent is the design and standardization of the electronic platform for organizing the work of the influencers
Social Network Sites and Other Innovative Technologies
The goal of this partnership is the development of digital solutions that support the possibilities
Local and regional.

On the other hand, Anas Abbar, CEO of Hawi Naftheer, said:
Our efforts with Sharjah Media City / Sun / Join and integrate our knowledge and base
Our clients have great technology and sophisticated insights into consumers with the web site
The important sun in the UAE will result in unmatched possibilities

The joint venture will take advantage of the digital experience of emirate business
Sharjah through a digital media platform where a joint venture will be ensured
The new functionality is integrated so that the media experience is integrated in the design sense
Develop and create content on digital marketing and provide technology solutions
There are simple options open to public and private institutions
Specialized solutions are the impact of a joint venture positively on technology
It will organize experiments targeted at local and national services, and the project will also be awarded
Joint opportunities for successful youth where they will create entrepreneurial opportunities
Local and local universities for successful youth through routing
Exercises, hugs and encouraging innovation.

WAM / Batool Keshwani / Eslamah Al Hussein

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