Saturday , April 17 2021

"Sharjah Publishing" and "Economic Development in Sharjah": Facilitating publishing industry procedures

Sharjah – Abdullah Mal Allah

Sharjah, the first free zone for publishing and printing in the world, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Economic Development in Sharjah to engage the role of both parties in the development of economic and cultural activities within the Special Economic Zone Project to increase the GDP in Emirates, 2018th

The letter was signed by Sharjah Ahmed Al Amiri's Head of Administration and the head of the Department for Economic Development in Sharjah Sultan Al Suwaidi.

The Memorandum provides an exchange of experience on issues of mutual interest and cooperation in the field of issuing permits through the Department of Institutes operating in the Free Zone of Sharjah for publication, enabling them to carry out their business in the Emirates. .

The Department of Economic Development of Sharjah (DED) is obliged to issue a permit to special economic zones in accordance with the conditions determined by the Department, and supervise licensed facilities and monitor them in accordance with the applicable legislation. First Party License.

The Memorandum also stipulates that the Sharjah Municipality will approve licensed facilities to join special economic zones and allow DED employees authorized to enter the areas under the supervision of the city to ensure that facilities owned by specific economic institutions operate in accordance with applicable United Arab Emirates legislation and the Emirates.

"This agreement reflects the integration effort between government departments and institutions in the Sharjah emirate to develop the cultural sector and increase its contribution to the emission of GDP," Amiri said.

"This integration of the various sectors, including the cultural sector, is aligned with the vision and aspirations of His Supreme Chief Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi, a member of the Supreme Council and Sharjah, who calls for all opportunities to adopt a common working system serving the Emirate of Sharjah from cultural and cultural messages to the whole world. "

"This contribution contributes to improving Sharjah Publishing City's status as a link between world creators, publishers, writers, and writers of different cultures and cultures to help them access to the largest number of international markets, with all their license and transaction request requirements. and others, which will ease the smooth running of business and encourage employees in the sector to use the services provided by the city. "

Al-Suwaidi said, "The department wants to improve the economic reality in Emirates by providing a range of services and facilities to investors through the development and delivery of the best services to help them perform their services in the best way and to achieve the highest quality standards. With all departments and departments in Emirates how integration in the business would be achieved. "

Al Suwaidi added: "Our Sharjah agreement is in line with our enthusiasm to develop a knowledge-based economy based on words, books, and creativity in all its forms, in the interest of a major cultural project under the leadership of the Sharjah emirate. Arab and international culture and intellectuals. "

"The signing of the agreement with the Department of Economic Development is in the interest of managing the business in the city and serving the reality we are aiming for, promoting all areas that serve the publishing sector at the local, regional and global level. With the Department as one of the important steps forward in activating the role of all partners who want to be present in the Sharjah country and begin to publish their work and look forward to providing all the services that contribute to providing the environment suitable for all publishers to achieve their message from Sharjah.

Last year, Sharjah's publishing house opened its doors to international publishing markets to meet the urgent need for the creation of a specialized publishing center in the Arab Emirates Emirate Sharjah, characterized by the modern and sophisticated connectivity of infrastructure, air and sea to all parts of the world, the Flexible Government, as well as providing low costs, skilled and skilled work, increasing competitiveness and supporting regional affairs of international institutions and companies.

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