Friday , June 18 2021

Surprise in the dream Ramadan competition 1442 and numbers of participation in the dream draw for all Arab countries

The surprise of the Dream Ramadan competition of 1442 and the numbers of participation in the withdrawal of sleep for all Arab countries. We shared feelings of joy and tears with all those who have won in recent days, a dream that everyone has embraced and opened the door to the realization of wishes on the ground, through the MBC screen that turns dreams into reality from all over the Arab world through a dream competition with Mustafa Al- Aghom, and hearts are still failing waiting for the announcement of the owner of happiness and the new winner for the prize worth $ 500 thousand, and today we are dealing with the surprise of the dream competition for the holy month of Ramadan in 1442 and numbers of participation in the withdrawal of sleep for all Arab countries, so hurry to subscribe now to the Prize for half a million dollars in a dream drawing.

Dream Surprise Ramadan 1442

Among the fans of the dream competition who are always waiting for him, it is known that the draw is usually held monthly in the amount of 100 thousand US dollars, with a set of weekly prizes of 10 thousand US dollars. about the dream competition from the mbc channel in the holy month of Ramadan 1442, which draws a raffle It will be the sum of half a million dollars for one family, called the Competition for the realization of Ramadan family dreams, and the more you participate in the competition, the greater the chance of winning in the retreat of dreams

Sleep withdrawal registration numbers

We offer you the registration numbers in the competition for all Arab countries so you can participate and win a prize of half a million dollars in a dream draw, and all you need is to send an SMS with the word dream or translate it into English or French and then send you a question to which you must answer in order to participate in the competition, where you can call from the United Arab Emirates with the number 5544 via etisalat and 2442 via du, and you can call from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the number 858888 via STC, or 650444 via Mobily , or by number 705505 via Zain.

You can contact from Kuwait to participate in the drawing of Ramadan for the dream competition with the number 4343 via Zain and the number 4343 via stc, and you can also contact the dream competition from Bahrain with the number 94410 via Zain or 94000 via Batelc, or 98776 via stc , and from Oman with number 90434 via GMS, and from Iraq with number 2770 via Zain or 2266 from Asiacell or 2180 from Korek, and from all over the world with number 0088216101092 via GSM to win the dream prize at the end of Ramadan , which is about half a million US dollars.

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