Sunday , April 11 2021

Technology today – Qualcomm announces unique virtual reality glasses

Today’s news today – Qualcomm announces distinctive virtual reality glasses News source – Al Arab Today In addition to news details, Qualcomm announces recognizable virtual reality glasses:

Today’s news – Beijing – Arabs today

Qualcomm has unveiled some of the XR1 AR Smart Viewer specifications it has developed to distinguish it from all the virtual reality glasses currently on offer, and what distinguishes this new technical masterpiece the most is that it comes with a regular sunglasses design and frame made of plastic and light rubber. The lenses of these glasses are equipped with two OLED screens with a resolution of (1920/1080) pixels, frequency of 90 Hz, and can be connected to phones and wireless smart devices via a special application or connected to computers via USB-C port to display the user interface screen or computer screens as if they were presented in front of it Large size in a virtual image or to allow you to enjoy watching videos and movies without the need for a mobile device screen. These glasses depend on XR1 chips, which are developed to quickly solve augmented and virtual reality, and are equipped with internal batteries that are sufficient to work for several hours on a single charge and have a field of view at an angle of 45 degrees, as in HoloLens 2 glasses almost developed by Microsoft. Qualcomm is expected to launch these glasses in the second half of this year, to compete with the latest virtual reality glasses that Google and Microsoft will offer.

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