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The Council of Arab Economic Communities adopts a common digital vision

Dubai: "Gulf"

The Arab Economic Community Council of the Arab League has adopted the initiative of the "Common Arabian Vision for the Digital Economy", which aims to improve the efforts to promote social and economic stability in the Arab world through the portal of the digital economy.
But Mohammed Al Khouri, adviser to the Council of the Arab Economic Community, said the initiative was blessed and supported by His Majesty Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince Abu Dhabi, and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE, pointing to the goal of promoting social and economic stability in the Arab world through existing technology. About digital knowledge in the security, security and welfare of Arab societies.
Al Khoury referred to a series of international meetings held by the Arab Economic Community Council in the Arab States, the latest in the United States with United Nations representatives, UNDP and the World Bank, with the aim of strengthening the efforts of international institutions active in the development of global economies and social and developmental stability programs.
He noted that the UAE's support for the initiative, which represents a common Arab vision, will contribute to the adoption of Arab economic solutions from a comprehensive Arab perspective based on the foundations of co-operation and common Arab activity, emphasizing the role of modern technology and its use as a means of achieving the goals of sustainable development and the rate of economic growth through creating opportunities Investing and working and supporting new markets.
The state has launched several programs to promote knowledge societies, such as "One Million Arab Programmers" and "E-Learning Platforms", offering free math and science courses for more than 50 million Arabian students and other projects that support the sustainable development of Arab societies .
He stressed that the Arab Council for Economic Unit is responsible for the Arab strategy and to strengthen cooperation with international organizations in this area. The delegation met with Murad Wahba, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, the UN's regional director of the United Nations Development Program and senior United Nations officials for the public sector and the digital government, pointing out that the Arab Development Agency's investments in Arab countries are estimated at around one billion dollars.
Al-Khouri stressed that this project represents a common starting point for advancing Arab societies, their economies and their social and economic security.
He stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation with international organizations working in the field of sustainable development through the participation of international organizations and Arab and international thinkers and practitioners in developing this strategy to ensure universality of content and presentation of goals. He underlined that the initiative is a new model for developing the economies of the region in line with development and global transformations, and the UAE also develops its expertise in all areas to strengthen the frameworks of sustainable development in Arab countries.
He said that the topics of the Arabian digital economy's strategy would be presented to representatives of Arab countries at an international conference scheduled for mid-December 2018 in Abu Dhabi. Results of the study, which will result in initiatives and development projects in the field of transformation and digital economy, held in Tunisia in March 2019. The study aims at exploring the digital reality in the Arab world with detailed comparisons of advanced economies' capabilities and recognizing the main obstacles and economic opportunities of the member states of the League Arab states.
The World Bank, for its part, stressed the importance of the Council's role and its plans to foster cooperation between Arab countries through the digital economy portal, in particular technological, legislative and knowledge-based infrastructures.
The United Nations, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the World Bank welcomed the initiative and efforts of the Council to promote comprehensive development and enhance cooperation between Arab countries.

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