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The foods the diabetic needs in the diet

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The foods the diabetic needs in the diet

Learn more about 8 foods that need diabetics in your diet

A large group of Egyptians suffer from diabetes, which has become widespread among young people, not just the elderly, and they need special nutrition to balance glucose and insulin levels and monitor specialist doctors to avoid getting worse.
Since diet is the most important for diabetics, here is a list of the most important foods that should be essential nutrition elements, according to healthfitnessrevolution:
1. Olive oil
The 2015 study has shown that high consumption of olive oil is associated with lower risk of diabetes, and olive oil is an excellent source of fat for diabetics and primitive medicines.
2. Avocado
It is rich in unsaturated fat and stimulates the level of fat and blood glucose, which is important for body weight control and diabetes.
3 – dark chocolate
The main source of antioxidants that control insulin sensitivity, glucose metabolism, and sugar desire, and the 2015 experience, showed that dark chocolate participants had better sensitivity to insulin than participants who ate white chocolate. Dark chocolate prevents the desire for sweet food, a vital element in blood glucose control.
4. Garlic
It contains over 400 phytochemicals and can be used to reduce and reduce diabetes-related health complications.
5 – red grapefruit
A rich source of pectin, healthy fiber that promotes healthy cholesterol levels, and a 16-week study at the University of Florida Medical School, confirmed that grapefruit pectin lowered the level of LDL cholesterol by increasing HDL levels.
6 – Turmeric
Curcumin is a major component of curcuma that is strong in blood glucose control. If you have diabetes, eating curcumin supplements for only 9 months can greatly reduce your chances of developing diabetes.
7. Fish
Omega-3 can reduce complications associated with diabetes. The kidney disease is a kidney disease control tool for diabetics and must be an essential component of the diet and take twice a week.
8. Cinnamon
Among the many healing properties is the ability to reduce glucose levels, and cinnamon also controls blood glucose levels during post. A healthy study of 543 participants found that cimetidine consumption was associated with a significant reduction in blood glucose levels during post.
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