Sunday , May 16 2021

The government approves the establishment of the Governing Board of the Emirates Education School headed by Jamil Al Muhairi

The Council of Ministers approved the establishment of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Education School under the chairmanship of Jameel Bint Salem Musabah Al Muhairi, State Minister for Public Education, to support the efforts of the Federal Education Improvement Fund.

The Council will focus on developing policies, strategies, initiatives and standards related to the education sector in the country and propose laws for the development of learning environments and education programs in public schools to achieve an integrated education system that will contribute to improving educational outcomes to carry out with qualitative and comprehensive development in UAE. 2021, focusing on the development of the higher education system.

The delegation includes HE. Mohammeda Khalifa Al Mubaraka, President of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, HE. Khalfana Jumaa Al Bahlula, President of the Dubai Future Foundation Management, Dr. Raja Issa Al Gurg, Executive Director of the Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group and Naj Ahmed Al Madfa, Executive Director of the Sharjah Business Center, Assistant Undersecretary for Knowledge and Cultural Policy at the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, Director of the High Tech Complex, a representative of the Ministry for Community Development and a representative of the Federal Foundation for Youth.

It is important to note that the Emirates Foundation for School Education was established in accordance with the independent authorities for the management and management of public schools in order to ensure school education within the framework of general government policy and to implement policies, strategies, standards and controls related to the education sector, including vocational and technical education and continuous education.


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