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The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world – Thursday, February 18, 2021

During the last hours, the world witnessed accelerated events, both in the Arab and international levels, and the most important news of the day were:

The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world
The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world

Today’s news in Syria ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Russia announces that it has found a secret hiding place for ISIS and the arms trade in the village of Homs

A representative of Russian forces in Syria announced last night, Wednesday, that they had found a large ISIS weapons depot east of Homs, while fierce clashes had broken out between them and Syrian regime forces on the Deir Ezzor road to Damascus.

In detail, pro-Syrian media reported that Russian reconnaissance drones managed to find a large ISIS weapons depot between the provinces of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

And these media quoted a representative of the Russian armed forces in Syria as saying: โ€œThe search and investigation activities of the Syrian regime forces, supported by Russian air force drones in the desert areas east of Homs Governorate, resulted in the discovery of a large warehouse by ISIS militants. and used in the provinces of Homs and Deir. Zour โ€.

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  • Special || Wrong Russian attack on the Fatemiyoun Brigade militia in Maadan … and an explosive device activated in the car of the Iranian militia.

Iran-backed Fatemiyoun Brigade militia was exposed last night, Wednesday, to a misguided Russian raid in Badia Maadan, killing one and seriously wounding two others, after which there were occasional clashes between brigade patrols and the Russian-backed National Defense militia that continued. until today.

In detail, STEP News correspondent from the Nour Al-Jasem region said that Russian warplanes attacked the Fatemiyoun Brigade with the wrong air attack, after which intermittent clashes broke out around the town of Ma’dan Atiq between Fatemiyoun Brigade patrols on one side and National defense on the other hand.

Our correspondent added that the operation had led to the mobilization of the National Defense militia in the eastern village of Raqqa, which is under the control of Syrian regime forces, until this morning.

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  • Russian aviation in Idlib airspace, and Turkish and Russian military movements in Syria

Today, Thursday, the city of Idlib witnessed an intense flight of Russian warplanes over its airspace, a day after the end of the Astana-15 meetings held in the Russian city of Sochi.

A Step News lens in the Idlib governorate and its village tracked the flight of several Russian warplanes from northern Latakia, through northern and eastern Idlib, to western Aleppo, which is controlled by the Syrian opposition and the HTS.

And our correspondent from the Omar Al-Omar region stated that Russian planes were in the air continuously for more than 3 hours.

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  • Russian-Turkish talks on Idlib governorate … These are the most important parts of the phone call that brought together Lavrov and vuavuลŸola.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke by phone tonight on Thursday about the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that “Lavrov and Oglu discussed the situation in Syria in detail, focusing on increased joint efforts in the Idlib governorate to permanently eliminate the terrorist threat,” according to what Russia reported today.

According to the statement, the two sides expressed their “readiness to continue to contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria, including in the context of the 15th international meeting on Syria in the framework of the Astana process, which concluded yesterday in Sochi.”

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Today’s news in the Arab world ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  • An important step on the Saudi-Iraqi border is aimed at securing trade and pilgrimage

Today, on Thursday, an Iraqi official revealed his country’s intention to take an important step on the Saudi-Iraqi border that would facilitate the movement of pilgrims and secure and increase trade between the two sides.

According to the government newspaper Al-Sabah, Najaf Governor Louay Al-Yasiri said today: “His country is working to open a new border crossing with Saudi Arabia through Najaf Governorate to be a window for co-operation and increase trade and facilitate movement. pilgrims between the two countries. “

Al-Yasiri added, according to the newspaper, that local authorities in Najaf governorate have been implementing phases of the land road connecting the province and the Saudi border since late last year, preparing to open a new crossing that would help revitalize tourist and archeological sites as well as increase trade and facilitating the movement of pilgrims between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

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  • A serious humanitarian catastrophe in Maribor … and the Arab coalition is destroying a car bomb

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani today issued several warnings on Thursday of a serious humanitarian disaster threatening millions of displaced people in Maribu, Yemen, as a result of the Houthi attack on them.

Meanwhile, the Arab coalition announced that it had managed to destroy the car bomb that the “Houthi” militia launched today at dawn in the south of Saudi Arabia.

Yemeni Information Minister Al-Eryani said in a series of tweets he wrote on his personal Twitter account: โ€œWe warn of the dangers of imminent humanitarian catastrophe due to the continuous targeting of displaced Houthi militia camps in Marib Governorate, which include more than 90 camps and they received nearly 318 thousand families, a total of two million and 231 thousand displaced persons, including 965 thousand children and 429 thousand women, representing 60% of the displaced throughout Yemen.

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  • NATO decides to expand the training mission of Iraqi forces eightfold

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that NATO had decided to expand the training mission of the Iraqi forces from 500 to 4,000 personnel (i.e., increasing the number of personnel by approximately eight times).

“We respect Iraq’s sovereignty and are fully coordinating with the government in Baghdad,” Stoltenberg said, adding, “NATO’s mission in Iraq will gradually expand geographically.”

Last night, Wednesday, Stoltenberg said commenting on the rocket attacks near Erbil Airport: “We support in-depth investigations into the Erbil attack,” adding, “Iraqis should not live in fear of terrorism.”

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  • Protests in Baghdad near Turkish embassy to protest Turkish military operations in northern Iraq

Demonstrations took place this morning, Thursday, in front of the Turkish embassy in Baghdad, in protest of the Turkish presence in Iraq.

According to Iraqi media, security forces closed roads around the Turkish embassy in Baghdad and prevented protesters from reaching the embassy.

According to the same sources, the protesters raised banners condemning Turkish military intervention in northern Iraq.

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  • The Iraqi Ministry of Health is detecting a huge number of infections with a mutated strain of the Corona virus

Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed that there were many cases of a mutated strain of the Corona virus.

The ministry said “more than 50% of the injuries are in Iraq; it is believed to be a mutated strain of Coronavirus.”

Yesterday, the ministry reported that the children were infected with the coronavirus from a new strain.

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Today’s news in the world ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  • A rare snowstorm hit the US state of Texas

A severe, cold snowstorm that has hit the U.S. state of Texas and the surrounding area since Wednesday has killed at least 21 people and continuously eclipsed millions of residents, with huge material losses in some homes.

Millions of people in Texas, the second largest U.S. state, which is rarely exposed to this low temperature, suffer from a lack of energy and freezing in water pipes, and the harsh weather is expected to continue for several days.

About 2.7 million homes were without electricity, according to the Texas Texas Reliability Board, the cooperative responsible for 90 percent of the stateโ€™s electricity.

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  • Russia rejects European calls for the release of Alexei Navalny’s opposition

Russia today, Thursday, announced the rejection of European calls to release Alexei Navalny’s opposition, and Russia considered those calls “interference in its internal affairs,” noting that Navalny was receiving a legal penalty.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrested on return from Germany after attempted assassination attempt on him

He was sentenced to 3 years in prison on charges involving corruption and embezzlement.

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“I have talked to Rouhani and the European Union supports the full implementation of the nuclear agreement,” European Council President Charles Michel said tonight, Thursday, after contact with the Iranian president.

Earlier this evening, the Iranian president telephoned with the president of the European Council to discuss the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear deal.

Rouhani emphasized that “the nuclear agreement is an important achievement of multilateral diplomacy and should be preserved”, calling on the European Union to “play an appropriate role in confronting unilateral American policy”.

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Shoot today ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

  • War houses of “pleasure” three quarters of a century ago .. “Ianfu” arouses the hatred of Korea and Japan .. What a story!

  • The Kosovo war … is the story of a Muslim country in Europe that was born despite the world’s nose

This is the most prominent news of the day witnessed by the Arab world and the world, and the Step news agency managed to document it, while more details can be followed via the website and the rest of our social media platforms.

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