Tuesday , May 18 2021

The planning minister goes to Beirut to participate in the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform, is currently in Lebanon's capital Beirut to participate in the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development, to be held under the title "Empowering People in the Arab Region" on April 9 and 11.

"The Arab Forum for Sustainable Development is a major regional mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the Sustainable Development Plan by 2030 and an overview of the progress achieved in the Arab region on that path," said Dr. Hal Al-Saeed, adding that the forum also plays an important role on global level. The level of access to sustainable development through its findings and that the Forum also provides an opportunity for Arab countries and stakeholders involved in sustainable development to share experiences, experiences and lessons learned from national and regional achievements, future work priorities, challenges and opportunities faced by Arab countries.

The Minister of Forum Planning participates as a Speaker at the first plenary session, which discusses global and regional progress in the achievement of the 2030 Plan, and chairs the 6th Special Session of the Forum on the Second Day of the Forum entitled "Reviewing Inequality Issues in the Arap Region" is held in the third plenary session on policies and mechanisms to promote and support the principle "do not neglect anyone".

The main topics of the Arab Sustainable Development Report 2019 will focus on the sustainable development goals that are being considered this year, empowerment of people and equality in the Arab region, national regional and global levels, including voluntary national reviews and messages to the World Summit.

High Representatives of Arab Countries, including Ministers and Planners for Planning and Implementation of the Plan 2030, representatives of regional and international organizations, numerous representatives of civil society and parliamentarians will participate in the forum.

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