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The Ramadan drama episode "17" from the Hogan series

Network of Channels "Life" of the seventeenth episode of Hogan star Mohammed Imam, within the Ramadan series 2019.

The events of the Hogan series are enchanted by seventeen

Hogan's 17th episode of the series "Hogan" 17, about many events and comic paradoxes, up-to-date events from episode 17 of the Hogan series, which came out of a series of events, Hogan began to work with "Labad," and started episodic events 17, the success of Hogan's escape from the integrity of the evaporation, and rescued his life after shooting at the end of the pack in Beirut, and came to the house there to help the Lebanese man and his daughter, a vet doctor to help, and took a shoot from the breast of incense, and then came to the gang to look for them Family and Hogan managed to free the doctor from the hand of Injury and kidnapped his president escaped from Kamal felt.

After returning home, Hogan asked him to leave, but Lapad assured him to be a bodyguard for her daughter's light for three weeks.

Hogan's evil series

Heroes from the Hogan series wicked 17

"Hogan" series, featuring actors Mohammed Imam, Salah Abdullah, Asma Abu al-Yazid, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Omar Mustafa Metwally, Abeer Sabri, Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed al-Tuhami, Mirna Nur al-Din, Riad Kholi, Os Oss , Mohammed Abu Naga, Al Azab, directed by Shirin Adel and Synergy.

Hogan Show Episode 17
Hogan's episode 17, will be at 22:30 on the channel of life, while the re-series of Hogan Episode 17, at seven and three in the afternoon, will also feature a series of Hogan Episode 14 at the drama of Abu Dhabi at 9 pm starting on Day and return is next to one.

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