Friday , January 22 2021

The Splash Fashion Show returns to spark in the presence of numerous stars

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Thank you for reading the Splash Fashion News magazine again to brighten up in the presence of numerous stars and get started with the details

Sharjah – Ayman Al-Fateh – Splash announced the completion of its preparations to launch its own distinctive fashion show for fashion lovers. The semi-annual show coincides with the 25th anniversary of the brand's founding. Splash will present a series of state-of-the-art street style styles to reflect a unique and dramatic style that has always been associated with its name.

The event will be launched in & # 39; Studio & # 39; within the Atlantis Palm Resource for the first show only for young people, in front of a special gratitude ceremony for members of the loyalty program & elite & # 39; Celebrities and Stars. In keeping with brand approach to make everyone visible, young students and retailers are buying in stores, and they will be available at local universities.

Brand Splash is proud to host this event in co-operation with the 25th anniversary of a successful career in the region. As part of its efforts to achieve growth and prosperity, Splash recently announced the launch of its first promotional campaign, #N_Fashion. The campaign reflects the commitment of the brand in partnership with the community and crossing the boundaries of a well known retailer, further enhancing its position as the leading fashion platform in the Middle East.

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