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The voices of "Children Sharje" sing homeland love in "the most precious country"

Sharjah 24:

In aesthetic painting because of the throat and expression of love for homeland, 188 children and children of Sharje, part of the 4th century Foundation for Leaders and Innovators, presented at the Sharjah Cultural Palace, Operet "My Most Valued People" in cooperation with the Office for Culture and Information of the Supreme Council for Mohammed in Sharjah, in celebration of the 47th National Day.

The opera included eight images, dramatic passages and various songs featured by a group of talented Sharjah's children with the participation of UAE Theater and Dramatic Star Abdullah Saleh.

"Said Said Said," as a symbol of values ​​established in the United Arab Emirates, through which the Said Saucus through which he conveyed the message and the value of his grandchildren in a way that shows an interesting love and loyalty and loyalty to homeland and loyalty to him and boosted the need to work on its construction and the Renaissance.

The most popular people of the country, the most popular of people, the story, script and dialogue of Saleh Jabbash, head of the Office for Culture and Information of the Supreme Family Council in Sharjah, and the words and poetry of poet Ali Al-Khawara, Dine Saad, Mahfouz and Hani El- Tambars, the distribution of Muhannad Khadr and Mohammad Ali music, ornaments by Akram Al-Awadhi, the fashion of Hale Makhloufa, the singing of Najem Al-Shale and Abdullah Al-Maamari, artist Hassana Ali and Sharjah children. , Ahmed Jassem, Sheikh Salem, Qassaid Jassim, Sawid and Coral Emirates and Coral Warriors in UAE. The tournament is for UAE theater and actress Abdullah Saleh.

Aisha Al-Kaabi: We are working on new generations and strengthening their abilities

Aisha Ali Al Kaabi, director of Children's Sharje, noted that the operetta revealed talents and great creations of young people who stood with confidence and pride on the stage and gave all their energies and abilities through which they expressed their love for their country. The choice of emirate creators reflects one of the image of loyalty and affiliation of history, country and UAE leadership.

Director of Children Sharjah said that centers are working to translate the vision of His Highness Dr. Sheikh. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and ruler Sharje, who always calls attention to the new generation, to enhance their talents and abilities, and to express their dreams and ambitions.

Abdullah Saleh: Operetta holds artistic, literary and educational values

"This is not my first experience with the children on the stage, and my relationship with the children's theater stems from the eighties. At that time I worked with a number of UAE actors and artists who presented the works in collaboration with all Sharjah schools on various national occasions, said Abdulla Saleh.

He appreciated an educational approach that translates the vision and efforts of his Supreme Chief Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharje, establishes for generations who love their country and employ their talents to express their loyalty. And belong to noble and honest.

Saleh continued: "Operetta holds many artistic, literary and educational values, embodied by saturated songs and scenes, and the principles on which the UAE was built, and which generations are generating, and images contain meanings and content that enhance national affiliation. presenting everything that's nice. "

Mohammed Bakr: Operetta is important and motivates children to work and passion

On the other hand, director of the work Mohammed Bakr emphasized that the opera reflects the diverse creations and talents of all those who took part in the achievement, a work embodying the love of homeland in the most accurate manifestations, we can say that through this experience we could attract a large number of children who participate, We have been working on a complete research to identify our voice and reputational abilities, and the response was fast and we worked on technical, visual and other aspects to reach an integrated operette.

"What distinguishes children from this artwork is that their important impetus is to make more effort and make them more creative so that they can play a greater role in every work we do. We look forward to this work as a platform for exploring future talents. the way of creativity and glory. "

Opera was attended by a number of talented girls from Sharjah Girls & Saga, and Sharjah's Boys, who featured their creations in recording several operatic songs such as Tender Plate and Future Painting, as well as conducting national peace in the way of singing acablelle, Sa Coral Djecom Sharjah.

Aesthetic pictures

The work included the "The Shell Panel", the first image that embodies the spirit of communication between the past and the present, which inspired the ancestors of patriotism and noble values ​​in the hearts of consecutive generations of UAE, together with the "Open Panel", reflecting the idea of ​​"embodiment of meaning" and children's minds, questions about the meaning of the Palm as one of the ancient symbols of the United Arab Emirates.

The "Giveaway Tile" was the third image that represented the meaning of giving and helping others, reflecting the move of the Grand Heart Foundation and its charitable approach, while the fourth heritage was the legacy of the United Kingdom heritage, fishing history, trade and the Silk Road. And sister countries of the old.

The "Action Committee" identified the values ​​of work, production, and the architectural and scientific renaissance that the state has been experiencing over the generations since the foundation of the Union, while the "flag" emphasized the importance of preserving the environment and clean energy through the ingenious dialogue between the little girls between the sun and the solar panels. Through a range of questions and queries aimed at leading to rich scientific conclusions.

The image of the future shows scenes from the past to the present, showing the importance of the defense of the homeland and the promotion of the rights and duties of children towards it. It illustrates the aesthetics of ancient Asia art, which is a kind of poetry that lies for hundreds of years to celebrate the victory on the battlefield. In national celebrations and events in the United Arab Emirates.

The picture is entitled: "The Homeland is a Winner", the last picture of all the meanings and values ​​of operas in the previous images that enhance the values ​​that represent all human and national values ​​in order to preserve the nation and complete the development process and build a generation capable of taking responsibility and excellence and creativity. in different areas of practical and scientific, eventually homeland is a winner, if all these meanings are realized and that everyone is working on achievement and sustainability.

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