Thursday , May 6 2021

There was little left to end the new P30 series until April 10th

Have you requested a new P30 Series device? If you have not done so yet, do not wait any longer, and it's only a few days left to get the best equipment that will surely meet your expectations in modern design and color scheme, the highest specifications for smartphones and valuable gifts for the first time with pre-sales offers.
The new series HUAWEI P30, which is the new episode in the success of the P family, comes this time with 3 high-quality devices that match their specifications and prices for all customer segments of their purchasing power. P30, P30 Pro and Lite offer great Leica cameras and come with new innovations that are similar to those in professional cameras such as SuperSpectrum and SuperZoom, which maximize the experience.
P30 Pro – The device that brings you to the moon
The new quad-core camera comes with a 40 megapixel camera, a 20 megapixel camera, an 8 megapixel camera for a remote camera and a TOF camera with a real zoom of up to 50x. Its precision details have never been made by any intelligent device (P30 Pro will surely bring you to the Moon). The front camera captures stunning 32-megapixel images that are much clearer than any other camera.
The new camera technology offers a radical low-light shooting, as new sensors can capture and utilize the highest levels of light, for sharper and clearer footage, and many new ways of capturing, such as two-camera video shooting, wide viewing angle, and many more shooting modes. The P30 Pro comes with a 4200 mA capacity and fast charging technology of 0% to 70% in just 30 minutes, as well as wireless charging, reverse wireless charging and more.
The P30 Pro comes with the latest Kirin 980 and NPU dual-core IQ. The paints of the device are (wavy crystals, black "moon reflection", dye colors).
Pre-pack: The package includes a 15 W wireless charger, a Huawei GT smart clock and a six-month warranty on the screen (worth RSD 239) – for only RSD 699 to April 10.

The Huawei P30
The second P30 series offers a 40, 16 and 8 megapixel camera with many common P30 Pro recording features such as video capture, low light sensors, and more. The new device also offers a massive 3650 mA battery, ultra-fast charging from 0% to 58% in 30 minutes, intelligent industrial power management Kirin 980 and many other advanced features that offer the same color as the P30 Pro.

Pre-Order Package: When you purchase a device, you will get Huawei GT Smart Clock and original 40W auto charger and six-month display (for RSD 219) – for only RSD 515 by April 10th.

The P30 Lite has a 32-megapixel silphone supported by artificial intelligence. The camera features an intelligent, intelligent tri-camera that recognizes 22 scene-ready scenarios with a very wide viewing angle, and the main camera comes with a 24 megapixel camera, an 8 megapixel camera with a wide angle for wide-angle shooting, a 2 megapixel camera and elegant bands on edges. The P30 Lite battery comes in 3340 mA, which transmits a power of 0% to 41% for 30 minutes, and a Kirin 710 processor. Colors are: blue, white, black, white.

Pre-order Pack includes:
With your P30 Lite you will get: a Bluetooth headset and a Huawei wireless stand at a price of only 209 dinars to 13 April.

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