Monday , September 23 2019
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This is true of serious illness Rihama Said

The rapid development of Egyptian media health status Riham Said, who announced his illness and urged everyone to pray for her and her forgiveness.

On the official website of the Sabaya program, presented by Egyptian media, was in her face microbe.

According to doctors, the danger is still based on Said's health, and are currently trying to eliminate the microbe.

Because of the Egyptian media and the fear of physicians since the arrival of bacteria in the brain, it was decided that Saidu was intensely treated to control the bacteria and prevent the spread of the body to Arabic.

Physicians have decided to put Egyptian media under surveillance over a period of two weeks to overcome the dangers that have undergone, and prevent them from permanently visiting them.

In another context, Egyptian media convinced all children who decided to travel through the program through their programs so that their situation would not be an obstacle to the continued activities of the program.

Despite support from numerous friends and artists, Rahim Said, but they reluctant to talk about her health.

However, one of the Egyptian media friends called Rania Amr decided to answer after a lot of rumors have spread, through her account on "Facebook" that Riham Said has a microbe in the nose, and there is a fear of his coming to the eye and the brain.

He added that the Egyptian media had been subjected to precision surgery and then intensively treated them, and if they did not succeed, they would travel abroad to continue treatment.

He denied that Egyptian media had been infected with microbes in the skin, leading to skin loss or being infected with Michael Jackson's illness.


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