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"Unknown Soldier" in the African Championship … women who won the championship

The African Nations Championship in 2019 was held in exceptional circumstances because the organization was withdrawn from Cameroon to qualify for Egypt, which was able to organize a global and historic event for a maximum of six months.

The success of an organization that dazzled the world and drew the president of the African Football Confederation Ahmed Ahmad and President Viva Gianni Infantino several times, "Mahrous has organized a historic tournament in record time".

The global format that emerged from the African Countries Championship was the result of many factors, most of which were the presence of women at the organization, media and media level.

Jihad Amer, deputy chairman of the Organizing Committee

Jihad Amer, a member of the Egyptian Parliament and deputy chair of the African Nations Championship's Organizing Committee in 2019, is one of the key factors for the success of the African Championships in 2019. He has been working hard to develop and develop the skills of young volunteers in the African Championship for more than three months. It was 2019.

Shortly before the start of the tournament, she could prepare thousands of volunteers, and in an interview with Sputnik she confirmed that this tournament was attended by foreign volunteers for the first time in the history of organizing sports events in Egypt, and that the organization board received 67 foreign volunteers, including Africaans and Europeans. .

Amer said in a statement to Sputnik that "the tournament is not just an Egyptian team, a championship effort, but a championship in the combination of state institutions, and the sharpness of young people and organizers".

For women now is impossible

Inas Mazhar, vice president of the CIA organizing committee, told SPOTNIK that women were very successful in the organizational process during the tournament, because they were larger than men, and strong personality, work and merits have contributed to the success of the tournament.

She pointed out that women who participate in the African Championship challenge and presence in the stadiums throughout the organization and before the start of the tournament in the late hours and make the most of their love in Egypt, want to show Egypt's ability to be beautifully organized.

She added that women during the tournament were under great pressure and worked over 16 o'clock in order to organize the world championship, which has already happened and worn by international media.

He also uncovered a great effort of volunteers during the tournament they were trained during the month of Ramadan to work in the organization's activities but showed great ability to prove and succeed in running the tournament as it seemed, and I thank them all the Egyptian women who prove in each case We will participate in the success of any system in our country.

Anonymous volunteers in African nations

Yara Abdullah, the 27-year-old African volunteer at the 2010 African Cup of Nations in Egypt in 2019, says that girls who participated in the African Championships were unidentified soldiers during the tournament, where they made great efforts during the competition for young men.


Yara Abdullah is one of the media volunteers in the African Peoples Championship in Egypt in 2019

Yara, who worked as a volunteer at the 2013 FIFA Cup and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the volunteer at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, and accompanying the Egyptian Olympic Mission, told Sputnik that "women can do whatever men do, the effort he invested in 2019.

Unpleasant joy

"We worked with joy, but now we are sad," said one of the stadium supervisors in Cairo during the tournament. "We broke up before him" after the Egyptian team left the 16th round after a 1-0 defeat in South Africa.


Om Abdo, one of the cleaners of the Cairo Stadium during the African Nations Championships in 2019

Om Abdo confirmed in the Sputnik statements that "the most welcoming thing in the tournament is the gathering of the Egyptians and their joy in the championship and the teams, but their great joy is the unfinished Egypt victory in the championship but they try to raise the name of Egypt high through the global organization. .

A woman wrestles with men

Judge Thiam, a Senegalese journalist whose passion for sporting performance has told her to work as a Senegal newspaper journalist during the African Cup in 2019, had been in Egypt since the tournament began to defeat Algiers in the final against Algeria.

"I have not seen a large organization as I saw it in Egypt, where it's a great preparation and an excellent organization for a period of no more than six months," she said. That's why she talked a lot about the magnificence of the Senegalese news organization. "


Court Thiam is a Senegal reporter in the African nation in 2019

As for the challenges she faced during the tournament as a woman, she told Sputnik that "it was most difficult for her to be in the Mexican zone (the exit space of the player after the playroom to talk to the media). They had to fight with the men in order to get special statements from the players. "

Disappointment and joy

Safa Serageldin, a Moroccan photojournalist who is the youngest journalist at the tournament, said in a statement to Sputnik that he was very happy to cover the African Cup of Nations in 2019, saying he would not forget reporting it during his life.

Safa confirmed that during the tournament, despite the joy of the picture he made while he was crying after leaving Morocco from round 16, he was also sad and tired after disconnecting Atlas Lion from the Continental Contest.

The Moroccan photographer entered a cry after the sudden departure of Atlas Lion of Alcan, a photograph taken by Egyptian photographer Sayed Hassan, who spread to wide social networks in Egypt or Morocco and broke the heart of Atlas Lion.

"My tears were out of my mind, I did not feel anything after Benin had the last blow, and the judge announced the loss of Morocco," Safa said.

"I did not think someone would photograph me. My tears were automatic after the team left, and after the game I was surprised to see the image spread over social networks."

Safa has confirmed that she has chosen the field of photographic journalism as an image for her photographic career, and is currently the youngest sports journalist in Morocco and the first journalist to accompany a Moroccan team on a trip outside the country's borders, writes on the Kourour website.

The African nation raises the highest level of ambition among the participants

Nancy Ali (21), one of the volunteers in the overall African Cup of Nations of Egypt in 2019, has confirmed that the African Cup of Nations has raised the ambition of her.

She added this to Sputnik's statements: "During the tournament I worked hard to support and love Egypt, pointing to the great effort they have invested during and before the tournament to graduate in this world."


Nancy at one of the African African Championships in 2019

Nancy, who for the first time participated in organizing a continental tournament, confirmed that she was willing to volunteer at any tournament inside or outside of Egypt presented to her after her wonderful experience in the nations of Africa in 2019.

The love for football and sport led me to the people of Africa

Twenty-year Yemeni footballer Sherif Mohammed led to the work of one of the volunteers in the African Cup of Nations, the Total Cup of Nations 2019, as the first experience in working on major football events.


Yemna Sherif Mohamed is one of the volunteers in the overall African People's Championships in Egypt in 2019

In his statements to Sputnik, Yemna confirmed that her participation in the volunteer team during the tournament gave great experience and prepared for future journalism, where she handed journalism at the Egyptian University.

Yemen expressed deep sorrow for the early exit of the Egyptian team from the tournament but at the same time stressed that it did not detest her and her colleagues from the effort until the last moment in the African Championship.

The biggest stadiums in Africa

Two reporters from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) demonstrate their fascination with soccer in Egypt, as they have never seen, such as the Cairo stadium or anti-aircraft defense.

"They did not expect to see the infrastructure in Egypt, especially the football stadiums, because they had not visited Egypt before," said Sputnik.


Charlene is a congress journalist at the African Championships in 2019

Asked about their Africa Cup report in 2019, they confirmed that they presented a beautiful picture of Egypt, especially after seeing an international organization, in particular the opening ceremony.

Charlene pointed out her great love for the public and Egyptian people who were very kind to her and the content found by the organizing committee.

Acknowledgment of the lady's efforts during the tournament

"Everyone looked at us as little girls but we managed to look at each other with pride and respect," said 22-year-old Simon Akram, a volunteer translator at the African Cup in 2019.


Simon Akram is one of the media volunteers in the overall African People's Championships in Egypt in 2019

"We did not realize how difficult it would be for us, but we were overwhelmed by the effort and patience," she told Sputnik. "Women in the 2018 African Cup Final in Egypt are truly unknown soldiers."

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