Friday , March 5 2021

Video: Arrival of the first train of the new Metro Dubai

The first of the new rail lines in Dubai has arrived in Dubai harbor, and it is expected that the last train will arrive at the end of October 2019. The test will be conducted on a test site at the Alstom factory in the Republic of Poland.

During the pilot test of the first train, which was built on a 500-meter test track, the train started at different speeds. Safety systems, electric drive systems for highways, braking systems, sudden stopping,,

The arrival of this train comes in a contract for the supply of 50 trains, including 15 trains serving Expo 2020 and 35 trains to develop the service level for Metro Dubai.

Increasing and improving the interior design of the subway car, including the distribution of the last vehicle for women and children, and maintenance of the first class gold vehicle and the rest of the vehicle for the silver class, with seat allocation Transverse in gold and longitudinal class "New distribution contributes to increased train capacity for 8%, from 643 passengers to 696 passengers, and the external form of trains, such as the one in Metro Dubai vehicles, was held to preserve the identity design of Metro Dubai, using its color known to the public.

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