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Video – Scientists discover when the moon will fall to Earth

Washington / Orient News

Two years ago, US space scientist Jason Barnes was quoted as saying that the moon could fall to Earth after 65 billion years. The researcher explained that by then, the speed of rotation of the Earth's axis would slow down considerably, and according to various estimates, this could happen in about 50 billion years.

The moon is gradually moving away from Earth and increasing its velocity to 3.8 cm per year, but there are scientists who confirm that the moon could fall to earth, noting that it would not happen soon, Sputnik reports.

When orbital resonance occurs between celestial bodies, in this case the two spheres in orbit cyclically gravitate to each other, changing the orbits of each other. As a result, the moon will not move away, but it will be attracted to our planet and, interestingly, our sun can help it.

After about 5 billion years, hydrogen will end up inside our sun, the star's energy source. Our star will move into a new phase of its development, where it becomes a red giant.

The star shines, the pressure inside it increases and the outer shell will begin to expand. The strongest emissions from the red giant's atmosphere can quickly change the orbit of the moon, forcing it to slowly move towards Earth.

There will be no collision like what we see in the video. When the moon approaches 18,000 kilometers from Earth, the tidal interaction of our planet and the moon will turn it into a huge pile of the main episode of collapse, the debris will collide with the ground.

However, at this time, life on Earth will be impossible, and when the sun turns into a red star, the star's atmosphere will reach Earth's orbit. One billion years after the result of a planet-sized Mars collided with an emerging Earth.

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