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A healthy lifestyle contributes to the fight against high blood pressure. It is based on a healthy diet, regular exercise and relaxation techniques to counteract psychological stress.

Maria Boyarinova, a cardiologist at the Scientific Laboratory for the Epidemiology of Noncommunicable Diseases of the Russian Almasov Institute, believes that blood pressure problems can be solved without medication. According to Russia Today.

She pointed out that the most important factor affecting blood pressure is being overweight, noting that obesity results in changes in the functioning of the endocrine system and nervous system, leading to high blood pressure. In addition, being overweight negatively affects cholesterol and blood sugar levels. To lose weight, it is necessary to reduce the calorie content of food, as well as maintain water balance in the body. At the same time, the doctor did not recommend overdoing it with water intake for patients with high blood pressure. She checked that the daily average is 1.8 liters of fluid in winter and 2.3 liters in summer.

The doctor called for a reduction in salt intake (no more than 5 grams per day), adding that it can be replaced with other spices such as turmeric, garlic and cardamom. She stressed the importance of giving up edible pickles, smoked fish and sausages, calling for the exclusion of juices, sweets, yogurt and cottage cheese from the diet, as they contain a high percentage of sugar.

She stated that excessive caffeine intake can lead to high blood pressure.

She explained: “However, recent information shows that coffee has a positive and long-term effect on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, I recommend those who always drink coffee to limit consumption to only one or two cups a day. Instead of coffee, you can take herbal tea, red tea, dandelion or cocoa or plain water.

She added that aerobic exercises such as cycling, swimming and brisk walking are beneficial for patients with high blood pressure, stressing that the intensity of these exercises should not exceed 5 hours per week, along with a series of strength exercises.

The expert also pointed out the importance of healthy sleep (at least 8 hours), calling for control of stress levels, otherwise the blood is saturated with hormones that raise blood pressure.


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