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Weak information of more than 500 million Marriott customers

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Marriott International is the owner of the world's largest hotel chain

Personal data about 500 million Marriott International customers are at risk.

The Marriott stated that the Starwood Hotels hotel and resorts' reservation base was compromised, and more than 500 million of its customers went missing.

The International Hotel Group said the internal investigation revealed that an unauthorized party could penetrate the Starwood base since 2014.

She explained that the hunted data of 327 million guests was associated with a combination of information, including name, gender, postal address, mobile phone number, email address, passport number, Starwood visitor's preferred information, date of birth, date of arrival and departure date.

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I also mentioned that some of the data contained encrypted payment card information but could not deny that the key code might have been stolen.

The Marriott announced that he had learned hacking through internal security systems, warning him of someone trying to access the Starwood database and found out after an investigation that "an unauthorized person could copy information and encrypted data".

The Marriott reported an incident to law enforcement agencies and continued to cooperate with them in investigations. And it has already begun to inform regulatory authorities.

The company said it would notify all customers whose information was compromised and expressed an apology in the statement saying "we express our deepest regret for this incident". It also created a website to provide more information to affected users. It will also provide users in the US and some other countries an annual free fraud detection service.

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Sheraton hotels are owned by Starwood, whose customer data is compromised

In 1916, the Marriott bought Starwood hotels, resorts and owned the Sheraton W Hotels, Sheraton, Meridien and First Points as well as other brands. Marriott International became the owner of the world's largest hotel chain in 1916.

Starwood uses a separate reservation system separate from the comprehensive Marriott network.

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