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"With great sadness" .. Arab world stars bid farewell to late Shawki Mejri

With great sadness and sorrow, a large number of art stars in the Arab world through their official accounts on social networking sites mourned the great Tunisian director Shawki Mejri, who left our world today after a heart attack at the age of 58.

Syrian artist Abed Fahd, via an official Instagram page, posted a picture of the late director commenting: "A journey that ended with a minute of silence, about the spirit of a brother and friend, creative director Shuqas Al-Majri, a journey that began in 2009, in the Asmahan series, and then the kingdom of ants, the relative calm and the end of the Minute of Silence, goodbye to Shawki Mejri. "

As his Tunisian compatriot Dhafer El Abidine commented on his Instagram page: "God bless you, Tunisian director Shawki Mejri, a wonderful man and creatures and creative director."

Dora also commented: "Shocking and sad news about your death, may God have mercy on you and make your paradise my friend, my son and my son, creative Tunisian Arab director Shawki Mejri."

Syrian artist Kinda Alloush posted an image of the late director via an official Instagram account, commenting: "The news is harsh, painful and hard to believe, the departure of creative friend Shawki Mejri, a great director with a different mindset and project, left great traces and still had a lot to do. offer, but God forbid. God bless your family and friends. "

Meanwhile, artist Amr Saad commented on Instagram: "The Arab art scene has lost a great creator. Tunisian director with Egyptian spirit Shawki Mejri. May God have mercy on you and his charity."

Syrian artist Samer Ismail commented via Instagram: "The survival of God, the sad and shocking news, the death of director Shawki Mejri, all condolences and all wishes of patience for his family and his fans."

Asala wrote via her Instagram account: "May God have mercy on the great talented creature Shawki Mejri. I attribute to the precious Tunisia and every corner of this great homeland, the departure of one of the creators of art and a refined decent man, his memory will remain fragrant with what he has made and created. "

On her official Twitter account, Lebanese singer Carmen Lipps commented: “ What an ugly Halkhbar, since the week we met and told me Qdesh Mushtaq about cinema, and we agreed to continue our conversation in Tunis at the Carthage Festival, Bakr Kteer. God bless you and your family. & # 39;

While media commentator Wafaa Kilani, via his Twitter account: "In the protection of God, great director Shawki Majiri, God bless his family and patience."

The heroine of his latest series, Lebanese artist Stephanie Saliba, took to Twitter to take a picture of the late director, commenting: "a minute of silence is not enough. Shawki Mejri in the light of God."

Artist Sherif Idriss posted an image of the late director via an official Facebook page, commenting: "I am God and we are returning to him, the death of the esteemed Tunisian filmmaker Shawki Mejri, as a result of a heart attack at dawn."

Tunisian artist Latifa commented on Instagram: "Brother and friend Shawki and birth house, dear creative supervisor who Yama raised my head with your morals and your work. Your death is a shock to me and all my family. God bless you Yaghali."

Syrian artist Bassem Yakhour commented via Instagram: "Great director Shawki Al-Majri left a tragic and sudden departure, left human and artistic prints unforgettable, leaving a lump in our hearts. Shawky Al-Majri, creative, gentle, gentle, goodbye. "

Nelly Karim commented via her Instagram account: "In a moment of silence on your soul, my dear, I went quiet, but I shocked all the people who love you, stay God."

Jordan artist Iyad Nassar wrote on his Instagram page: "God bless you, you creator. Director Shawki Majri .. God bless you and live in paradise. Goodbye my friend."

Tunisian actress Aicha Ben Ahmed posted a picture of the late writer: "The great Tunisian director Chaouki Mejri has left and left us works that will remain etched in the memory of Tunisian and Arabic cinema and drama."

Syrian Qusay Kholi wrote on Instagram: “Goodbye Shawqi Majri

I am God and I return to Him

God’s mercy on you

Creative Arabic Art Loss

We have been working on one important project for a long time, but unfortunately, Shawki ….. promise that I will continue to work on it until it becomes a reality and Bacon dedicates to your precious soul. Goodbye my friend and God patiently to your family.

As artist Firas Said called it: "I am passing on the mercy of the creative director and friend of Almighty God .. Our teacher Shawki Almajri the mercy of God .. a great loss of art and industry."

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