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500 thousand dollars for Sytnik and the military friend of the president. What is a witness against Porošenko №1 Dmitry Kryuchkov said today

The scandal under the conditional name "Poroshenko-Kononenko Energy Scheme", where the closest circle of president and guarantor took part, may be even more louder than previously thought.

Recall that on April 15, former People's Deputy and Chief of Elektromerezhe holding Dmitry Kryuchkov extradited to Ukraine. NABU accuses him of illegally withdrawing from Zaporozheoblenergo about 1.4 billion hryvnia, and causing damage to the state of 346 million hryvnia.

Up until recently, Kryuchkov hid in Germany, and from where he was able to tell many interesting things to the public. Specifically, the Party wrote about withdrawal schemes from state-owned companies Centrenergo and Odessa Port Plant, which, according to Kryuchkov, deserved the internal company and the guarantor himself.

On April 17, Solomensky District Court, according to law, had to select preventive measures for Kryuchkov. Actually, nobody expected new sensations from this meeting. And, as it turns out, in vain.

Kryuchkov has issued a new pile of murderous incriminating evidence against Porošenkov people: the bribe for boss NABU Sytnik and presidential interest in Energomerezhi himself.

And that's not all, – they assured the "Earth" in Kryuchkov's escort (journalists were not allowed to come to him).

"He has not said anything yet about Kononenko and Porošenko," Strany said.

Meanwhile, the State Bureau of Security has already announced the start of a $ 500-thousand-dollar bargain on NABU Sytnik.

"The country" understood what constituted a new testimony of Kryuchk and whether it would become the basis for judicial proceedings against Porošenko's inner circle.

Old facts

The trial of Kryuchkov in the Solomenskomy District Court in the capital on April 17 began nervous but predictable. In the court building, tens of fiercely "activists" and young people with a "Kryuchkov za gratse" characteristically appeared.

They tried to create the maximum sound effect, apparently trying to force the judge to close the courtroom. As a result, this was done, so many journalists at the meeting could only briefly skim. The activist leader initiated the campaign for Porošenka in front of a number of observers, claiming that the accused Kryuchkov's product of the Yanukovych's criminal regime, and Zelensky, say, is exactly the same. At the same time, Kryuchkov, who was once a member of the region's party (transferred from BYuT), made his career at Elektromerze only after the change of power and victory at presidential elections Petro Poroshenko, which of course was not mentioned.

To a certain point, what took place in the courtroom took even more than the meeting itself. I spoke to Kryuchkov (despite the presence of two attorneys – Alexander Lysak and Tatyana Kovaleva), spoke confidently, supporting the main theses with the numerous documents that were delivered right during the meeting. But he did not issue new sensations – only the basic facts considered that his previous press interviews were already known to the public. For example, the closest circle of President Porošenka was involved in the "Energomerezhija" scheme that "shames" him.

The real reason for opening a case against Kryuchk is allegedly to be Igor Kononenka's rejection of Igor Centroenerga's lending obligations to more than 1.3 billion hryvnia, ultimately blocking the privatization of the company.

He also announced the disappearance of a series of materials and frauds. Allegedly, the outside unit behind him did not see the business partners of Poroshenko coming to Kryuchkov, but titled titanium-titanium-magnesium (whose debts to Zaporozhyeoblenergo, illegally assigned to Energomerezhy and became the object of investigation) "saw".

New sensations

But, as it turned out, Kryuchkov still had his sleeves in his sleeve. Specifically, he stated that, even after the NABU was initiated against him, he "handed over $ 500,000 unauthorized payment to Sytnik", allegedly in exchange for help in his case. Simply put, he gave Sytniku a bribe and documented that fact. What, according to him, the criminal case has already been initiated, which for some reason has not turned, although, of course, Yury Lutsenko is certainly aware of him in the Office of the Chief Prosecutor and personally.

Feeling no. 2 it is possible to confirm the personal participation of Porošenka in the "Elektromerezza" schemas. "In the company, only 25% belong to me, the remaining 75% belong to an offshore company close to the president." Yury Bugla knows what this company is, he is a military friend of Petar Poroshenko, "Kryuchkov said.

He also added that Bugla came to give instructions on the operational management of Energomerez. By the way, Kononenko is also considered Porošenko as "a military friend".

RRG is in the game and odds for new processes

In fact, even before the end of the court session, the reaction of police officers to at least a sense of Kryuchkov – the bribe for Sytnik became known. Yuri Lutsenko's spokeswoman Larissa Shargan wrote on her Facebook page that "RRTB has initiated a pretrial investigation into the criminal proceedings since April 16, 2019 due to the fact that Kryuchkov and other unidentified persons were unauthorized to the director NABU Sytnik.

The facts alleged by Kryuchkov fall under Articles 369 and 368 of the Criminal Code. "The prosecution in the criminal proceedings is conducted by the Supreme Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine. Priority investigative and procedural actions are currently being conducted," Larisa Saragan wrote.

It is interesting that immediately after the extradition of Kryuchk, ​​the expert opinions on the consequences of the high profile differed.

"Kryuchkov is a key witness and can investigate a lot of valuable information, and I do not think he has to start talking directly before the election, and do not rule out that he can find dirt on both candidates," said economist Alexey Kushch.

According to him, two groups of lobbyists are now fighting in the energy sector. On the one hand, they support the Rotterdam Plus formula, which includes the companies of Rinat Akhmet, as well as Centrenergo (that is, Kononenko and Porošenko), which also earn on expensive electricity and coal. On the other hand – her opponents. The latter includes Igor Kolomoisky, who is the owner of the Nikolai Feralegura factory, and rumors he will be the sponsor of the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelenski.

"But it is also possible for some third party to take part in this game, which will try to get the compromise evidence of both candidates and show that there is something to cover, and thus forcing the new president to be more relaxed," admits Kusch.

"Third Force" experts invite politicians interested in forming a majority in a new parliament and appointing a prime minister. It may be Vladimir Groisman.

"That is, we can get a grenade with an uncontrolled zone of lesion," says Kusch.

But some experts and lawyers were skeptical. They believed that nothing new testimony number 1 would say, and in fact, his exposure to actual court cases against Porošenk's escort is unlikely to end.

However, after a new series of sensations about Kryuchkov, the situation changed. At least in this business a new turn has emerged.

"The bribe for Sytnika can be a technical moment by a lawyer – to transfer Kryuchkov's case from NABU and RRT," said Rostislav Kravets, senior partner of the Kravets law firm and partners.

This can speed up the investigation. Indeed, at NABU, according to Kryuchkov, case materials were "manipulated" – part of the compromising material provided to Porošenk's escort was simply "lost".

"The head of the Interior Ministry, Arsen Avakov, who, as you know, is now playing against the current president, has an increasing impact on RRT, and therefore the chances of Porošenka and his circle are bigger," lawyers say.

Rostislav Kravets does not rule out the possibility of real lawsuits against the current senior officials of the country under the new president. What the facts will make their basis and what other names will sound depends largely on the new testimony of Dmitry Kryuchkova.

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