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A dangerous asteroid approaches the Earth

Two decades ago American scientists discovered asteroid (66391) 1999 KW4. It was then found that his orbiting had been cut down to earth so that the celestial body was included in the potentially dangerous list.

From time to time, a 1.3-mile asteroid goes to the Sun at a distance of 30 million miles and then travels for 150 million miles. The speed of the object at the same time is 77 thousand km per hour, write "Planet News".

In the evening, May 25, the astroid will fly to our planet at 5.18 million km. The distance is quite certain, it is 13.5 miles from Earth to Moon. Everyone will have the opportunity to look at the object, for that you need to have any amateur telescope.

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The particularity of the open body is a certain satellite, which is similar to our Moon (also rotates around the object). Track Movement (66391) 1999 KW4 will take several days. On the first day, the heavenly body will fly in the constellation of Korma and Nasos in the southern sky. After a certain time, the object will move to the northern hemisphere.

The next joining will take place in 2036. Then the distance between our planet and body will be 2.32 million km.

Scientists have earlier claimed that the Taurus starship can be dangerous to the Earth.

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