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A powerful storm began in Kyrylivki

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Strong waves rolling on the land flooded buildings on the first shore

Photo: Local News

Photo: Local News

In the Kyrylivka resort, Zaporizhia region, November 30 a powerful storm began – Recreational facilities of the first coastal line at Fedotova Spit flood with water waves.

According to "local news", the sea, which had previously remained calm, widened huge waves crashing on the shore, and the blue clouds over the city itself.

Remember before weather forecasters warned of deteriorating weather conditions in the Zaporozhye region – November 29 saw heavy rains, and 30 were expected to drop temperatures, storm wind and snow.

It is also worth recalling the recent storm in Odessa, when three meters waves broke down on hills near the coast, and extreme photographs succeeded make bright photos and videos of the horrid sea.

We also wrote warning police of Zaporozhye drivers and the region, Police officers reminded drivers of unfavorable weather forecasts and invited them to carefully follow all road rules.

Specifically, drivers are advised to be careful when driving in adverse weather conditions – Observe the speed limitations, observe the sideways, choose the safest travel speed, turn on the headlights and, if possible, avoid long distances.

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