Activision Blizzard employees are on strike over management’s response to a news discrimination lawsuit

Activision Blizzard employees will go on strike in front of the company’s headquarters in California to protest management’s actions following a lawsuit against women. The action, which will take place on July 28, was reported by the portal The Verge.

Study staff prepared several requests for guidance. They want to achieve the elimination of arbitration clauses in contracts, as well as change the process of hiring and promoting employees, especially small groups. In addition, workers will advocate for the publication of wage ranges for different groups regardless of gender or nationality, and will be engaged to review leadership on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Earlier, more than a thousand Activision Blizzard employees criticized the company’s management for the way top managers reacted to the situation of discrimination against women. According to the developers, managers are trying to mitigate or completely hide the facts. In addition, Jeff Hamilton, a senior system designer for World of Warcraft, said work on the game had been suspended due to a lawsuit scandal.

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