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Actress Valentina Berezutskaya died – News at KP.UA

Y and DMB starship Valentina Berezutskaya died

Valentina Berezutskaya in the film "Children of Don Quijote".

Famous actress died at age 86 after heart failure.

Actress Valentina Berezutskaja, who was watched by Antikiller, Anchor, Second anchor, DMB, Day Watch, Operation Y and other Shurik, died; TV series "Kamenskaja", "At the Corner of the Patriarchs" and beyond.

The artist's heart ceased at age 86. Berezutsky became ill at home and fell in, the doctors could not do anything, Channel Five wrote.

Among the most notable stars are Nastya ("Sasha enters life"), Oluha ("In the step of silence"), Mary ("High Water"), Shura ("Non-Objective Story"), Praskov ("Sutra Street"), Matryon the kingdom "), Fenechka (" Director "), Safar (" Spring Package "), M. Ulyanova (" The Train for Tomorrow "), Suzginiha (" Again Aniskin "), Arina (" Father and Son ").

After the "Nika" award for the best female role in the film "Starica", Valentina Berezutskaya was awarded a national prize. At that time the actress was already 72 years old.

Valentine Berezutsky's husband was Vladimir Ageev, married to 33 years of age. He was director of the film studio Yalta, in the 70's he worked as director of the "Comrade" creative association in Mosfilm, was director of the "Gorky" study.

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He is known for the films "Relatives", "Ivan da Mary", "Aliens Letters", "Last Hunt".

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