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all you need to know about drawing and qualifications –

All members of UEFA will soon recognize their rivals in the Euro 2020 qualification group.

Selecting for Euro 2020: everything you need to know about drawing and qualifying

November 30, 2018 16:45

After a year and a half in Rome, the European Championship 2020 will begin, which will be held for the first time in 12 European countries at one time.

When and where is the drawing?

December 2 at 13:00 in Dublin, Ireland, start drawing for the election of Euro 2020. 55 national teams will be divided into 10 qualifying groups. Groups A, B, C, D, E will consist of 5 teams, while F, G, H, I and J will be 6 teams. will host the online Euro 2020 release.

What Will Qualified Groups Look Like?

All teams will be stacked in six baskets, whose composition is determined by the results of the League of Nations.

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The original basket, which is called basketball league of the people of the finalists, will also be present on the drawing. It includes four national teams, which in June next year will be the first winner of the League of Nations: Portugal, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands. All of these teams are in groups of 5 teams.

In these groups, only 8 games will be played, while in the others will be 10. In the "Windows" finalists of the League of Nations will use the time to determine the best tournament team.

What about Ukraine?

The Ukrainian national team struck another basket, ranked 14th in the overall ranking of the League of Nations. Therefore, the accusations of Andrei Shevchenko will not exactly meet in the election with teams from Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Denmark, Wales, Russia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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When does the selection start?

The first round of qualifying round for the European Championship 2020 will begin on March 21, 2019.


Round 1, 21-23 March 2019;
2nd round, 24-26 March 2019;
3rd round, 7-8. June 2019;
4th round, 10th-11th June 2019;
Round 5, September 5-7, 2019;
6th round, 8th-10th September 2019;
Round 7, October 10-12, 2019;
Round 8, October 13 – 15, 2019;
Round 9, 14-16. November 2019;
Round 10, November 17-19, 2019;

Who will pass?

Each of the 10 groups enter the European Championships winner and second-placed, Third place in the last election for the euro allowed not only play in the playoffs to enter the tournament, but also directly there. In the same season, playoffs have changed dramatically …

Playoffs of the League of Nations

The last chance to reach Euro 2020, if you have not been able to do it through a qualifying tournament, will get the best teams in each division of the League of Nations. Only 16 teams will play the last 4 euro bets.

There were 4 MPs from each section (if 9 or more participants are in the Euro division, the missing amount is taken from the division below), which will play semifinals and finally. The winner goes to Euro 2020.

For example, if none of the winners of Division D will come to Euroz, it will take the playfields Belarus and Macedonia to Kosovo in the semifinals of Georgia. The winners of these pairs will be determined by Euro 2020 participants.

The match will be held on 26-28 March 2020 (semi-finals) and 29-31, 2020 (final).

Draw for the European Championship 2020

Determining the composition of the Euro 2020 group will take place on December 1, 2019, or before determining all the participants of the tournament. The four teams, which are determined in the playoffs, will simply be called the "Playoffs winner – 1 / 2/3/4" during the drawing.

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