Thursday , September 19 2019
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Antonio Giovinazzi misunderstood Fred Wasser

After the race, Alfa Romeo's chief, Fred Wasser, visited Antonia Giovinazzi's scissors, grabbed him with the help of other team members and cut off a few curls from the Italian. Antonio had to comment on this funny episode on Sky Sports TV.

Antonio Giovinazzi: "In France, we argued with Fred that if I earn points, I cut my hair. And there is another bet: if I do not score points, I will not be cut, but I still finished the tenth. But I have a long hair, so I've been upset!

The race was heavy, but I'm happy with the way I spent it. We have made significant advances in machine operation, and today Alfa Romeo has completed the first ten, so we have reason to be happy! So, we have to keep working in that direction, I'm sure we're on the right track. "

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