Saturday , January 23 2021

Apple has recognized shortcomings in the iPhone X and MacBook computers

Apple first admitted that the model of the iPhone X, which came out a year earlier, does not always have a touch screen, reports Bloomberg. Bloomberg stressed that users have complained of these problems over the last few months, but Apple has not responded to the statements. Previously, Apple did not comment on them.

Apple has pointed out that low-quality mobile phones and laptops will be free to fix. They also stressed that other iPhone models do not appear to have this problem.

Additionally, the company announced a 13-inch MacBook Pro maintenance program without TouchBar: laptops have a 128 and 256 GB SSD drive problem.

Problems have been found in 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops, which were sold from June 2017 to June this year. Disadvantages, as Apple pointed out, may be present on 128 GB and 256 GB PCs. The manufacturer emphasized that marriage can be found in 128 and 256 GB notebooks, which are purchased in the period from June 2017 to June 2018. The organization recommended that owners contact Apple's service centers as soon as possible to help with the disadvantages. The company has recommended its customers to install iOS 11 and rarely increase display brightness to the highest value. The company said that at authorized service centers you can replace module problems for free, even if your smartphone is no longer warranted.

Some models of IPhone X and MacBook Pro have manufacturing shortcomings
Apple reports shortcomings in iPhone X and MacBook Pro

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