Sunday , May 9 2021

Aquaman surpasses $ 1 billion

Aquaman surpasses $ 1 billion

Photo: frame from the movie

Aquaman earned a billion dollars in cash

The tape was the third in the universe of DC, overwhelming this sign. In front of it, they made two parts of the Dark Knight.

The Aquaman movie, shot in DC, overcame a billion dollar bill on the cash register. That's what Forbes is saying.

The tape became the third DC in the universe, which reached that number. Previously it turned out to be two films – The Dark Knight (2008) and Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend (2012). Their performance Aquaman will most likely be able to overcome in the near future.

It is known that the tape was collected in the cash register in North America about $ 286 million. At the same time in the world the rate of rent is $ 713 million.

Earlier, they reported that the Aquaman tape was at the top of the most profitable films in the universe of DC Comics.

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