Friday , August 6 2021

Audi e-tron will take the lead in high-quality electric cars – Maxim Shkil

Audi's electric crossover is based on innovations and technical solutions developed for leading marine brands and already tested in practice, says founder of Audi Center Odessa South, Maxim Shkil.

Thanks to the significant advantages of the Audi e-tron in its class, the car will take the lead in the market among high-tech electric vehicles. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the largest Ukrainian representative "Audi Center Odessa South" Maxim Shkil in the review material for release.

"The electric crossover is equipped with two high-performance electric motors, which make it almost tireless. All-wheel drive power for the new generation provides excellent traction and dynamism," says Maxim Shkil.

In his view, Audi alone can offer such a level of use of digital technology in the car.

"Free space in the salon Audi e-tron – space and comfort for five people, discreetly sporty design, characterized by an up-to-date brand model, practicality in operation, numerous assistance systems, the new crossover is equipped with the MMI navigation plus infotainment system with Wi-Fi access point ", – says founder" Audi Center Odessa South ".

Also Shkil adds that the electric crossover Audi is based on innovations and technical solutions developed for Admiralty Boat Model Brands and already tested in practice.

"Ingolstadt's innovative engineers at e-tron side have great experience and accurate knowledge of customer needs. Additionally, the model just presented is at a higher level than the competition, technology is being developed, innovations are being introduced, and other electric cars have come out earlier , and are not updated in one way or another, they are lagging in terms of technological parameters. In terms of technology, e-tron seems to be more sophisticated than competitors, "concludes Maxim Shkil.

Presentation of the electric car was held on September 17 in San Francisco.

The Audi e-tron crossover differs in the cameras instead of the side mirrors, whose image is displayed on the door screen. The list of equipment includes an air suspension. The air pressure of the car is regulated in the range of 76 mm.

The serial version of the Audi e-tron also got a partial autopilot system. In the crossing of the water intersection two power plants, producing 408 liters. with a torque of 660 Nm.

In Ukraine, news is expected next year.

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