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Bachelor Season 9 – Premiere March 8, 2019 – How to finish the STB project

The creative team of one of the most popular realities – "Bachelor" (STB) – announced the premiere of the ninth season. On March 8, the main character, journalist and head of Nikita Dobrynin, will start fighting for the hearts of girls (in the photo). The recording is over, but according to the rules of reality, details are kept in the utmost confidence.

In an exclusive interview with FACTAM, director of creative "Bachelor", Anna Kalina, told some shooting details, recognizing who they are favorites and how the project could end.

By the way, at the beginning of the year Anna Kalina took up a new position and now in her area of ​​attention is not just the "Bachelor", the post-show "How to get married" and the reality titled "Named for Tata". But also two "New Channel" – "Eksy" and "Kohannya on Vizivannya" projects.

– Anna, what's the peculiarity of the ninth season of Bach?

"This year, for the first time, the audience gave the opportunity to influence Bach's choice, and this proved to us, including surprises at the first party. It turned out that our participants also voted for the applicants, and many of them wanted to build relationships with Nikita Dobrynin. So, the degree of the project has already been raised on the front.

In addition, for the first time our bachelor already has a family life experience. If we are discussing a woman's standpoint, the man who officially offered the offer to the girl was emotionally mature to take responsibility for the future together.

– Do you think there is hope that the season will end with a wedding ?!

– The motivation Nikita has come to the project is to establish a family, not just to build relationships. She was constantly reminding her of the girls and the film crew. Since Nikita is a man who usually gets it all in mind, I sincerely hope that he will succeed in that.

– What are your impressions of the participants this season?

"These girls are very independent these years, most of them accurately understand what they want from life and relationship. And in connection with this Bachelor is cool because they have something to rely on each other. I even have two favorite members – the most vulnerable. As the audience waits for the premier, I've already seen separate issues and I've caught myself thinking that every time I want to hear the comments of these two girls. When I did one of the interviews with one of them on my phone, it was so remarkable!

– Have they decided for a second time to try their luck and find love?

"We do not have participants from previous seasons, but there is a girl who has already built relationships with television and knows from their own experience that this is possible.

– What shooting "Bach" has become the hardest?

One of Bach's dates with the girls we fired overseas on the oyster farm. Ostrich should be re-eaten at dawn and only during the time of its existence. So we arrived at the farm at five in the morning from the other end of the country. Trainers and film crew had to change into rubber combos, boots and a large amount of cold water equipment. Besides, it was not easy for girls with beautiful make-up and manicure, who were dressed for a meeting, not knowing exactly what was going to be.

– They say unexpected situations have begun to happen already during the recording of the first party!

"Yes, besides, this recording was the longest. There have been many unexpected events on this day. For example, in one of the limousines that the girls brought to unhappy, empty tires. The participant was shocked! Before the second car on the road, the beast got off the driveway for which the driver had to brake sharply. And since one of the participants, who rode in this limousine, wore warmer food to restrain the man through his stomach, when the brakes fell on her clothes. She did a scandal, but in the end she had to meet Nikita in a dirty dress.

– What is your favorite moment in reality?

– In "Bachelor" I like the moment of the first kiss. Before shooting, the team and I often bet for the girl to kiss first and I never hit. It always happens in seemingly logical places, but I never expect this to happen. It seems to me that at this point the project becomes very personal to the participants, and we stop being directors, journalists and producers and we become viewers who really look at the development of relationships.

– Will your new position affect the reality of "unmarried", which you have always been pretty firmly engaged?

"I think mothers will understand a few children – when younger children appear, the elder's love does not diminish. "The guy" is my big love, even though he is already a grown person and very independent, and the people who work on this project are likely to wear well without me. But I still can not look after the "Bachelor". Maybe on official trips I will not go so often, and it makes me sad, because the most interesting things are happening here.

– The second season of the Named for Tat project is about to begin. Have you just watched a single-hearted father?

– We even made a significant part of the material. This year we will have five fathers and five brides, but we have expanded the geography. There will be fathers living not only in Ukraine. And we've expanded the age limit, now we will have older men who already have quite grown children. It turns out that there are some peculiarities because the children have grown so much that their thinking – whether they accept a new papa or not – can be the key.

– Have you had time to relax before the start of the season?

– I was on vacation in Brazil. She went to meet the New Year at the ocean beach, where it was necessary to meet the first minute of the year, skip the first seven waves and wish.

Earlier, "FACTS" reported that the main character of the seventh season show "bachelor", swimming champion Dmitry Cherkasov secretly married.

Bach's Resident Grigory Reshetnik in an Exclusive Interview for "FACTAM" has revealed some secrets of the ninth season and admitted that from time to time every man dreams of becoming unmarried.

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