Wednesday , September 18 2019
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Bitcoin mining difficulties hit record high

The complexity of mining Bitcoin has reached a record high level, showing a growing competition for new blocks among miners.

According to, Bitcoin Mining Difficulty, which changes in line with the net pay rate for every 2,016 blocks, reached 7,868,124,124,773 and exceeded its previous maximum in October 2018.

At the same time Bitcoin's bitrate network, which sets new records almost daily over the last few weeks, has dropped slightly and now amounts to about 56,000,000 Tx / s. Thus, the competition between miners for new units, as well as the overall security of the Bitcoin network, reached a record level.

In December last year, the complexity of Bitcoin mining has fallen by more than 15% for a recalculation for the first time since 2011, which was associated with a general reduction in the capitalization of the crypto market.

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