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Bitcoin rate has risen to $ 5250, cryptocurrency will continue to go up – expert

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The analyst shared the theory of the dynamics of the main crypto market

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Bitcoin is waiting for a sharp jump: a forecast is announced




The analyst shared the theory of the dynamics of the main crypto market

In early April Bitcoin rate jumped abruptly, then moved to a smooth increase. According to the merchant and cryptoanalysts Joshua Rager, the phase of the accumulation of battle will last until mid-July, and then there will be a steady rise in prices, reports ForkLog.

According to Raiger, the current trend trend is similar to that in 2015. Then, after Bitcoin reached the bottom, the accumulation phase lasted 216 days. At the same time, the $ 1,000 candle, formed on April 2, corresponds to the middle of the accumulation phase, he believes as an analyst. The latter will, as Rager is sure, end on 19 July 2019. However, the trader emphasized that this was only a hypothesis.

Today, April 8, 7:43 pm, Bitcoin was traded at $ 5,253. For 24 hours, the cryptographic value has increased by 2.36%.

According to Forex Club analysts, the purchase of a crypto currencies is linked to news about the upcoming forklifts in the Ethereum Classic called Atlantis. According to experts, in the short term, cryptocurrency will continue to grow. So, Bitcoin can go up to $ 5,350, Ethereum – up to $ 185, XRP – up to $ 0.37, Litecoin – up to $ 92.

Earlier this was investment banker billionaire Mike Novograz threatened Bitcoin's market capitalization will increase 100 times over 20 years and outperform the capitalization of the gold market, In his opinion, that figure will exceed $ 7.5 trillion.

Recall Bitcoin in 2019 turned 10 years:

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