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Blessed with Russia. The print on naming Porošenka

The current president of Ukraine announced his participation in the elections to be held on March 31st.

President Petro Poroshenko officially announced his entry into the electoral race. At the presidential elections in Ukraine, to be held on March 31, he will seek re-election as an independent candidate.

During a speech at the forum "From Cruce to Brussels, Let's Go On His Way," Poroshenko also talked about his vision of further development of Ukraine. He therefore stressed the need for "cold peace" with Russia and said that Ukraine would apply for EU membership in 2024. What the world writes about it – in the material from

The tone was risen to Russia

Newsweek, United States

In the background of the tensions caused by the seizure of Ukrainian ships and seamen in the Kerchian Strait, Poroshenko warned of the upcoming conflict and war in full size, but on Tuesday (Jan. 29) edged his tone.

"Of course, we need peace with Russia, cold, but peace, people are tired of the war." Russian propaganda is tirelessly playing this painful emotion and scattering lives in Ukraine, "the president of Ukraine said.

Poroshenko waits for a tough fight

Financial Times, UK

Petro Porošenko will face a tough fight for re-election as president. But despite low ratings, he is one of the main candidates to win the presidential election.

In relation to the "influential businessman" from Porošenk's escort, the newspaper writes that the president's chance for re-election exceeds 50 percent.

"The businessman highlighted the successes, including the recent creation of an Orthodox church independent of Moscow's patriarchy, and said that all these heavy reforms are beginning to produce results," the newspaper said.

News calls contestants in the presidential race Yulia Tymoshenko populist.

Tymoshenko criticizes reforms undertaken with the help of the IMF. Its potential victory in the elections provokes concern between Western guarantors of Ukraine and investors, according to FT.

It will be difficult to persuade voters

Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy

Poroshenko bets on a map of nationalism and patriotism – his performance improved after the conflict in the Kerchas Strait and the promotion of the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

It will be difficult to persuade voters who have lost confidence because of the lack of concrete results during the five-year presidency: on the economic front, in the fight against corruption and the ongoing war in Donbas.

The past prevails over Tymoshenko: she is a cynical business woman who has been on the political scene for decades. In her case, it will be difficult to convince voters.

A moment of truth after Maidan

Bloomberg, United States

In the March 31 elections, the Ukrainians will be able to "render a ruling" of power in everything that has happened in Ukraine after Maidan.

The Ukrainians went out on the streets with the demand to build a "modern and transparent state". They did not expect blatant results, but the main wish was clear – "Significant steps to send corrupt bureaucrats to jail."

For five years Poroshenko in power has not yet been convicted by a senior official, and rating of Ukraine's corruption indices hardly improved.

Social activists are constantly persecuted and one even died after being soaked with acid (says Kate Gandzyuk – ed.).

Poroshenko is accused of such a situation, and his rating dropped below 15 percent.

The remaining likely candidates for the victory in the presidential elections will also be held pro-European. But Western countries are worried because they invested much in Ukraine.

Ukraine's entry into the EU is uncertain

Reuters, UK

Poroshenko has said that Ukraine will apply for EU membership in 2024, but the agency suspects such a possibility, despite the support of the West.

But Poroshenko still has some success. He provided the Ukrainians with a visa-free regime with the European Union, helped to create a national, independent Orthodox church.

He did not win at the Donbass War, although he promised to do it for a few weeks, but he did not lose it. The ceasefire in 2015 is largely carried out, despite regular deadly conflicts.

However, corruption is undisputed, and anti-corruption fighters are attacked, and reforms slow down and come back.

Poroshenko will probably be presented as a less radical choice than Tymoshenko, whose plans to increase government spending could lead to controversy with the IMF and other foreign lenders who secured billions to keep Ukraine's economy.

Peter has a gunpowder for Porošenka

Kommersant, Russia

Poroshenko decided to perform in an unforgettable date – Dan of hero Kruta. This event is the best way to highlight the main idea of ​​his election campaign – the struggle with Russia for sovereignty with the support of the West.

The main point of his speech was that in the new historical situation, Kiev faced the same task as a century ago – facing Moscow as the main threat to Ukrainian statehood.

Already during his speech Poroshenko confessed: Ukraine needs a "cold peace" with Russia. At the same time he refrained from the harsh rhetoric of "DPR" and "LPR", which has been heard in Kiev at various levels over the past months.

It is important to note that in his speech Poroshenko has attacked his main rival, warning that Tymoshenko may go unacceptable, in his opinion, approaching Russia.

According to a news source in Ukraine's presidential administration, ratings by Porošenko and Tymoshenko are almost equal, at about 16 percent, while the negative rating of the president decreases, and the former prime minister is growing.

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