Wednesday , February 24 2021

Borussia won Bavaria in a clever match

Borussia won a strong win over Bavaria / Getty Images

At the central match of the 11th round of the German Bundesliga, Dortmund Borussia won Bavarian. Twice he played "yellow-black" during the match, and then he completely won the most points in this conflict.

Borussia (D) – Bavaria 3: 2
Lewandowski, 1: 1 – 49 Royce (n), 1: 2 – 52 Lewandowski, 2: 2 – 67 Royce, 3: 2 – Alcacer

Bayern: Neuer, Boateng, Kimmich, Alabah, Hummels, Ribery, Goretsk, Martinez, Gnabri – Muller, Lewandowski.
spare: Sanhesh, Ville, Ulrayh, Rafinha, Hames, Süle, Wagner.

Borussia D: Hitz, Zagad, Pishchek, Hakim, Akanji, Bruun Larsen, Witzel, Reus, Sancho, Goetze, Weigl.
spare: Daoud, Guerreiro, Paco Alcacer, Delaney, Olshlegel, Toprak, Pulisic.

Warnings: Weigl (29), Akanji (36), Ribery (55), Süle (87), Hitz (90), Wagner (90)

Thanks to this victory, Dortmund moved away from Bavaria for 7 points.

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