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Boyko promises to "cancel the pseudo-reform of this power"

Boyko promises to cancel the pseudo-reform of this government


Yuri Boyko

The presidential candidate from the Opposition Platform – for life "promised" to return affordable medicines and education.

The presidential candidate of the opposition platform – for life, Yuriy Boyko, in the event of his election victory, promises to cancel the "pseudo-reform of this government," his party's press service said on Friday, March 15.

"The government has legalized paid medicines, but did not know where people should take money from it, and now many have been forced to refuse treatment because they simply can not afford it, and even ordinary medicines have increased over the past few years. It is impossible to call reforms that make life unbearable, such as pension reform, which is reduced to retirement age, reduced working life, and financial support for pensions. "The government is obliged to index inflation for each year," Boyko said.

"Will the twin-year secondary education with a simplified program be effective?" The Law on Education has only increased tensions with its neighbors, authorities covering their complete failures, their inability, and corruption-related scandals in similar language laws that not only divide society more than after the election victory, all these pseudo-reforms will be canceled because they did not do anything good to people or to the country, "the deputy added.

The press service of the Opposite Platform – for life reminded that Boiko and his colleagues registered in the Verkhovna Rada Law no. 9146, which proposed amendments to the tax law and reduced the cost of medicines, and that Boyko drafted a draft resolution no. where it is proposed to re-calculate all Ukrainian pensions and set them to a level that is not lower than the real minimum for life.

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