Brezhnev in a tight-fitting dress with a twist flashed in Venice. Video

The singer shared footage from her trip. She could walk through Mark’s Square. At the same time, Konstantin Meladze’s wife was recorded in elegant clothes, delighting fans.

Vera Brezhneva. Photo:

Vera Brezhneva used to be in the VIA-Gra group. She has an attractive appearance, but does not hide the fact that as a child she did not consider herself a beauty and wore her sisters ’clothes. Now the blonde is a popular singer. She was also repeatedly called a sexual symbol. The artist is happily married to Konstantin Meladze, but rarely goes out with him. This summer, the couple is relaxing at their villa in Italy.

It is significant that Vera travels often. Sometimes he goes on tour in different countries. The artist recently performed in Turkey. But then she arranged the trip herself. The singer first visited Georgia, where she was pampered with delicious food in a restaurant, and the day before the artist ended up in Venice. She went for a walk around the city and ended up in Piazza San Marco. Brezhnev appeared in a black silhouette dress with an open back. She emphasized the beauty of the figure. A woven bag and sunglasses complemented her bow.

“Since I like myself very much now, I choose only the best for myself, which means stylish, comfortable, high quality. This dress is knitted, soft, stretches moderately, with an open back, I wasn’t very hot in it, washable (which is important to me), with loose hair it looks just amazing. I walked in it all day and comfortable sandals, and in the evening I wore sandals with a small heel and it is topical again. Black minimalism “, shared the star.

Vera Brezhneva. Photo:

Fans were thrilled with how the singer looked. Faith received praise. “You are the standard of femininity and beauty,” “The dress is made for you,” “Such a girl is hard to miss,” “How beautiful you are, I admire you,” “Verunchik, fire,” “I like dressing so much,” ” Zest – open back. What a view “, – commented the recordings of internet users.

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