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Capital Law: Details emerge

Capital Law: Details emerge

It has become known what amendments to the Capital Act are being proposed in parliament

The bill includes the creation of district councils that will receive part of the city council's powers, a reduction in the number of Kyiv city council members, and early elections on December 8.

The draft law On the capital of Ukraine – the hero city of Kiev appeared on the website of the Verkhovna Rada on Monday, September 16. The account itself was registered on September 13th.

The bill was submitted by a group of MPs from the People's Service. According to the bill, the places of measure of Kiev and the head of the Kiev city state administration is proposed to be divided. In addition, the document proposes to hold December 8 this year, early elections of the mayor of Kiev.

Major changes

  • holding early elections on December 8;

  • rebuilding district councils;

  • county councils will receive part of the city council's authority;

  • the position of the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration (KSCA) is incompatible with any other position;

  • Kiev City Council reduced from 120 to 84 deputies;

  • The boundaries of the district of the capital are approved by the Government on the proposals of the City Council of Kiev, agreed with the district councils in the city of Kiev;

  • District councils in the city of Kiev may have their own symbolism, which is approved by the Kyiv City Council;

  • The head of the district council in the city of Kiev is elected by the appropriate council from amongst its deputies for the term of the council by secret ballot by a majority of representatives of the total composition of the council.

Recall that earlier the head of parliament Dmitry Razumkov said that since the beginning of work of the Verkhovna Rada of the Ninth convocation, it considered 110 legislative initiatives.

It was also announced that the draft state budget for 2020 was submitted to Rada.

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