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Details about iOS 13 and future iPhone and iPad devices


Bloomberg's publication revealed details of iOS 13 update and what features will be the smart phones and tablets Apple will announce in 2019 and 2020.

Apple is currently testing smartphones with the USB Type-C connector instead of the Lightning Connector used on the iPhone in 2012. Switching to USB Type-C will allow you to charge Apple devices using universal adapters and cables that are compatible with many Android smartphones. IPhones, which will be released this year, will receive a more efficient processor and an updated Face ID sensor, and their design will be roughly the same as last year's. In 2020, Apple's smart phones will have dramatic changes, including 5G support.

A year later, Apple will equip the iPhone with a more advanced 3D camera, adapted to scan real-world objects and re-create their three-dimensional image. Currently, some models of the iPhone use a much simpler 3D sensor – it is designed for scanning 25-50cm user faces, and the face protection ID works based, allowing you to unlock your smartphone face.

The new scanning system will not use a point-like projector, as it is now, but a laser, which will greatly increase the scope of capturing three-dimensional information on objects. This system will be installed in the main camera, which will increase the number of sensors from two to three. In addition, Apple will need to equip a smart phone with a more productive processor that will be able to process the data captured with the camera immediately. The release of a smartphone with a new 3D scanner will precede the appearance of an extensible handset with which Apple has been operating for several years now.

The 3D laser scanning system will increase photo quality and enable the use of extended reality. For example, you can add pictures to different virtual objects or change the background while taking a movie. Initially, Apple planned to install such a system in 2018, but postponed those plans.

In 2019, Apple will re-release three smart phones – the successors of the existing models of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. The top model itself will have a triple main camera, while the other two will simply have a bit of improved sensors. The third sensor increases the viewing angle and the possibility of zooming. In addition, the camera will capture an additional image – for example, to put an object in a frame that did not initially hit it. Apple will also enhance the Live Photo feature, with which the user can create animations based on the photo – the duration will increase from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.

It is possible that Apple will transfer the laser 3D camera system to an updated iPad Pro tablet. These devices may appear in the spring of 2020, and 2019 should not expect new iPad Pro models.

In the spring of 2019, Apple will release an updated version of a cheap 10-inch iPad and will still have a Lightning port. The company also develops a new iPad mini – line model that has not been updated since 2015.

As for iOS 13: This update will have a dark design theme for comfortably using smartphones and tablets in the evening and at night, and improving CarPlay's capabilities. Especially for the iPad will be a new startup screen, it will be possible to run multiple copies of the same application (for example, the browser) and changes will be made to the file manager. IOS 13 will also feature two new services – subscription to video content and rental of games.

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