Friday , January 22 2021

Famous Ukrainian singer "Illuminated" at Moscow Concert

A famous Ukrainian singer The concert was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Leonid Agutin.

The notorious singer Ivan Dorn, who was recently shot in Kiev with his son on November 10, performed at the concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the "bare boy" of the Russian Federation – singer Leonid Agutina.

The video was released in Dorn's Instagram account, writes with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

The concert was held on Saturday in the Moscow Olympic Complex Building. During that time, Ivan Dorn performed on stage with the song "Summer Rain" by Agutin, though he did it in his own way. Singing was accompanied by dances known to fans of the star, one of the fans noted that Ivan was "getting too good". In general, the performance has proved to be very valuable and unusual, and, according to the review of the followers, the quality of coverage exceeded even the original.

In the comments, the users called the singer Russian Timberlake and still admitted their love for their idol and left him many compliments and what he showed on the stage.

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"Kaif", "Beautiful," "His pictures are changing, you have no time to surprise! Come to us again!" ! "

A famous Ukrainian singer
A famous Ukrainian singer

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